Just Us Horse Energy Charm - Celebrates the lifelong bond between a girl and her horse

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Captures the deep bond between girl and horse.

Based on the painting "Just Us" by award winning energy artist Julia Watkins, this charm captures the energy of that deep, life-changing bond a young girl feels with her horse. Wear it and feel again the magic of that relationship.

The Energy

Horse energy goes beyond simply a close connection to an animal. Through a deep connection to horse, it projects out into the cosmos and brings strength and incredible good luck. Horse people are just lucky, all of the time. Wearing this charm brings that good luck to you.

Available Charms  

Hand made with loving care. Chakra balanced, blessed and energy enhanced by the Energy Artist Julia. We pay special attention to detail and quality throughout this 7 step process.

Size: 3/4 x 3/4 inches. Materials: Fired resinated glass on silver plate. Price is for the charm only. Charm bracelets are sold separately.



Recommended Charm Combinations Amplify Their Benefits

Combining charms amplifies the energy of each. They work even better and you feel better. There are no bad combinations, only good, but certain ones can be combined together on an individual bracelet to maximize your intended benefits. The Just Us Horse Energy Charm works very well with our other horse charms. For even more good luck combine it with the Hummingbirds Good Luck Totem charm and for both good luck and abundance/wealth add the Harvest Moon charm. With the cost of hay these days, the Harvest Moon can be a big help. To increase the power of all charms add the Helios - Vision Of Light Horse charm. To see more clearly your future, add the Spirit Horse Visionary's Charm.

About This Art Style

The swirls in this image represents the spiritual energy that exists all around us. Pioneered by artist Julia Watkins, this art style, known as energism seeks to use art to help humanity connect to universal energy flow promoting both healing and higher consciousness.

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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.