Magical “Genie In A Bottle” Wishing Ring - Ruby, Gold, Pink Tourmaline

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This ring feels like a piece of treasure you would discover in an ancient ruin, and when you rub it a genie appears and grants you three wishes.

Introducing: The Magical "Genie In A Bottle" Wishing Ring

A classic mystical design, energy infused with the kind of magic of genie lore, to help your wishes come true.  

This is one of those rings you will wear every day, look at all the time, and just know in your heart that it is doing a lot to help you. And it is really fun to wear a Genie ring. ~ Energy Artist Julia

Unique desert design features energy-infused, hand-selected ruby and AAA grade faceted pink tourmaline set in 2 micron thick, permanent 24K gold plate.

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Dear Friends,

The first thing I thought when I saw this ring was that it looked like a genie bottle.

It just gives off an ancient feel, like something found in the ancient ruins of a lush green oasis,  deep in the desert. You pick it up, hold it to the sunlight, rub it, a genie appears and you are granted three wishes.

It has that look and feel. It has that energy.

It includes authentic, high-grade, hand-picked AAA pink, faceted tourmaline stone that promotes love compassion and healing.

It also includes pink ruby, another stone of passion and power.

Both are set in a 2 micron deep, 24K gold plate ring.  This is the same level of plating used in Rolex watches which will never rub off.

Magically Infused

Admittedly genies are a very controversial subject in the Middle East, and the three wishes are more of a Western construct. But still, it felt to be brimming with the genie magic for which they are famous.  Prominent religious texts even mention them as real beings.

So I asked spirit to add the magic and mysticism of deep desert sands, of romantic starlit nights, of flying carpets and secrets of the universe discovered.  And I asked that it emit good, helpful magic for you.

How I Use It

It sits on my finger and I play this game where I say the three wishes I would ask for if the genie were to emerge.  

Then after I get over the immediate wishes for things like a billion dollars, I ask what would I really want. And I realize that my true wishes are already within reach.  I just would like for them to be more easily obtained.

It is actually a good exercise because you learn that much of what you want in life you already have.  

And I do find that some of that genie magic rubs off because it does seem that things get easier in my life and move more towards what I want.  So in a sense, I am getting my three wishes.

The Beauty, The Magic, The Amazing Value 

There is a classic beauty to this ring,  While simple it is also very complex.  It rings deep and true for many who look at it. And you feel a connection that is hard to describe, but you know that somehow, this is something you saw in a past life or world. 

That is the beauty and magic of this piece. It is one of those pieces that once you put it on, you never take it off. 

I hope you will get it while I have them.  A limited quantity are available and they are being sold at an exceptional price for this quality of stone, material and unique design.


Energy Artist Julia

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Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.*


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