Moon Dancer

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Reconnects you with the divine feminine spirit.

Based on the painting “Moon Dancer” by award winning energy artist Julia Watkins, this image celebrates the divine feminine spirit. In it, a women dances with complete abandon, connecting her energy with the celestial heavens above.

This stunning hand-signed museum grade giclee print has been reproduced from the painting Moon Dancer by energy artist Julia Watkins. This is a top quality giclee print where you can see individual brush marks from the original. It will hold its color over 100 years! It is hand signed by the artist.

Size: Matted to a standard 16 x 20 size.

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The Energy

Moon Dancer helps you reconnect with your powerful feminine energy, freeing yourself to become part of the great mystery and its deep rhythms. By losing yourself to it, you find yourself again.

Moon Dancer brings to you the power of intuition, beauty, joy and most of all freedom.

About This Art Style

The swirls in this image represents the spiritual energy that exists all around us. Pioneered by artist Julia Watkins, this art style, known as energism seeks to use art to help humanity connect to universal energy flow promoting both healing and higher consciousness. Ms. Watkins artwork is currently in the collections of such notables as Deepak Chopra and Carnegie Mellon University.

For more information on Julia Watkins, visit the Platris Fine Art website at or visit the facebook page Energy Artist Julia.

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Moon Dancer Poem Below Moon Dancer ~ By Spencer Kluesner

She dances to the drum's rhythmic pulse. Until we are entranced. Until we begin to feel as if we were with her, A part of her Living through her, Anticipating her next move, And she twists With an instinctual certainty.

An aquarian dream, An ancient dance to the female cycles of the moon, Knowing her next move without thinking, Feeling her next step while dreaming

I want to be her, I want to feel the infinite forces of energy, Flowing through my being, I want to let go into that space, As only a women can, And I may, But if my body can't dance My spirit still can

And I'll connect to the infinite, To the nothingness that is really the everything, The whole of our existence

The energy of all that was And all that will be.


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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.