Sacred Buffalo "Easy Abundance" Energy Pendant

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Connect to the powerful ancient prophesy of abundance without effort.

Energy Artist Julia has created this metaphysically enhanced pendant to help you connect to the energy of abundance through the buffalo/bison spirit/totem.  Hand made in the USA. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. Fired resinated glass on stainless. 1.75 x 1.75 inches.

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This image emits the spiritual energy and deep meaning of the buffalo spirit and honors the Lakota legend of White Buffalo Calf Women.

Long ago she visited these Native Americans and taught them about the interconnectedness of all things, and that by following this sacred path they could achieve abundance without struggle. Her lasting legacy is the idea that life doesn't have to be hard when you live in harmony with mother earth.

She prophesied over 2,000 years ago that during times of great trouble, the birth of a white buffalo calf, a very rare event would signify her return to bring our society back into peace and harmony.

Over the past decade there have been a rash of births of white buffalo calves. To the Lakota, these events are akin to something like the second coming of Christ or the rebirth of Buddha.

To commemorate this apparent shift in the universe's energy, and facilitate your connection to it, Energy Artist Julia created her metaphysically enhanced painting Sacred Buffalo and the corresponding energy infused jewelry items.

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 Powerfully Symbolic

This image was channeled by Energy Artist Julia without prior knowledge of this legend or Lakota spiritual beliefs. But spirit guided her and the result is highly meaningful and symbolic.

It is infused with the colors of the medicine wheel- red, yellow, black and white.

A sacred buffalo faces a sun dance tree, representing renewal.

The sun rises yellow in the east as in the medicine wheel, symbolizing new vision or seeing things from on high with clarity and perspective.

The perspective of the viewer is moving from the West (introspection) to East (enlightenment). The buffalo himself is headed toward the white north, or wisdom and new understanding.

The Dawn Of A New Era

This image represents the dawn of a new era in our society... a renewed connection to all life and an understanding that as good caretakers of the earth, the earth will in turn provide for us all we need to prosper.

Focus on it and feel your shift in your own energy ... a renewed sense of optimism and a greater understanding of your place in the medicine wheel. Wear the pendant and spread this energy to others.

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