Soulmate - Positive Relationship Charm Bracelet.

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There's nothing like love to nourish the heart, body, spirit and soul. Finding love may seem difficult, but doesn't have to be. Often its just a matter of aligning your energies to be receptive to love, to let it in -- much like opening a door for your soulmate to walk through.

Julia Watkins' newest jewelry piece combines multiple charms that attract the energy of love, make your heart chakra more open to it plus nurture and protect a growing relationship.

The bracelet is beautiful double wrap sterling silver. The charms are 3/4 x 3/4 inch, fired resinated glass on sterling silver backing.

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Metaphysical Energy Charms Included 

By combining charms, the energy of each is charged far beyond what they could do individually. Creating combinations such as this, for a specific purpose allows the piece to work energetically and spiritually in dynamic, far reaching ways. Charms included are as follows:

Lovers Soulmate Charm.

Representing the excitement of two lovers at first touch. This energy image has been credited many times in helping attract a soulmate, reconnecting to a lost love and even numerous pregnancies

Indigo Elephant Charm.

When combined with a love charm, this charm uses the power of Ganesh to easily remove whatever obstacles stand in the way of you being with your soulmate. Courtship Relationship Charm. This charm not only focuses energy on attracting a life-long mate but also helps ensure harmony and cooperation between mates.

Reclining Lovers Charm.

While it invokes feelings of passion, this charm also is about two lovers finding each other again and again over many life times. It zeros in on your true soulmates -- people you meet and feel like you have known forever -- because actually, you have.

Venus - Goddess Of Love Charm.

Venus does more than just attract unfettered love. She exudes a feminine aura that prospective mates find hypnotic. She heightens your ability to mesmerize and influence.

Buddhist Monks Energy Clearing- Protection Charm.

When combined with relationship charms, this charm protects the relationship from negative energy and influences that seek to hurt it.

Fairy Tree Magical Energy Charm.

When combined with our love charms it heightens that feeling of magic good relationships have. It helps cement that magic moment when you first meet. Plus it brings good luck and prosperity to you and your partner as you travel through life together.

Butterfly Transformation Charm.

Helps a new relationship grow into something beautiful. Also releases your inner beauty which a soulmate can easily recognize.

*Note: This is not intended to replace good judgement or common sense when dealing with relationships. While good energy - positive thoughts and the outgoing nature it elicits can open you to relationships, proceed with caution in any relationship and take proper safety precautions.

Special Addition - Free Personal Blessing & Prayer/Meditation 

This is a very important charm bracelet for Energy Artist Julia. She feels that on your hand, with the right focus, it can spread the energy of loveworldwide. Therefore, to ensure success, she will chakra balance, energy enhance and personally bless your Soulmate Positive Relationship charm bracelet before it is sent. 

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