Star Child Awakening - Discover your true inner being

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This Energy Channeled Image Will Activate The Star Child Soul Within You – So You Can Find Out Who And What You Really Are -- And Fulfill Your Divine Purpose Leading Humanity To The Light.

PLEASE ALLOW ONE WEEK FOR THIS ITEM TO SHIP. Hand signed by the artist. This is a collectors quality, museum grade, archival print which will remain vibrant for over 100 years. 

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Without knowing it, many of us are star children or indigo beings --advanced souls who have traveled from other worlds to our planet to be born among us and help humanity reach the light. If you find a strong connection to this image, you are probably one of these special beings.

Awaken The Star Child In You By Staring Into This Image 

Most star children don't know what they are. Julia’s new energy enhanced “Star Child Awakening” image, representing your celestial birth within a star, helps you remember your divine creation. It activates the Star Child soul found deep within you. Through this image you can tap into your immense abilities -- so you can help others transform into higher beings like yourself.

Already, just by staring into this image many people have discovered they are in fact one of these advanced souls. And in this realization, the world has already begun its final transformation. It has probably started your awakening as well.

Take The Test Below And Find Out If You Are Really A Star Child 

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More About Your Star Child Awakening 

A new star bursts from the heavens, and from its heart emerges a being of immense ability. Traversing the pathways of the cosmos, the star child travels to our earth and is born among us with only one purpose … to lead humanity to the light.

There are many of them among us, often not yet knowing what they are, just that they are different and somewhere in their hearts, knowing they are here for a special purpose.

You may be one of them without even knowing it.

Awaken Your Star Child Soul

Artist Julia Watkins created this energy enhanced painting, and corresponding jewelry to activate your hidden star child memories -- so you can go forth and fulfill their heavenly mission. It is time for you to awaken and begin the spiritual transformation of our planet and society. 

Julia's Star Child Awakening jewelry and prints create a constant connection to the amazing abilities you posses.

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Are You A Star Child Or Indigo Being? Take This Test And See  

This image emits the deeply channeled energy of a star child birth, coinciding with the birth of a star which is the source of a star child's creation and power. If this image affects you strongly, or feels strangely familiar, if you feel a deep connection to it, you are probably a star child or are living close to one.

Other indications that you are one of these amazing beings include the following.

You don't have to match all of them, but should match more than one.

1. you feel like somehow you have lived forever

2. As a child you knew you were different than the others

3. You’ve had paranormal and psychic experiences

4. You have a strong sense of empathy

5. You dream about living in lives and worlds that are not yours

6. You have always felt like you have some special purpose

7. You can read people by feeling who they are or sensing their essence

8. You have a natural gift for feeling the divine

9. You may have often felt like you don't fit in

10. You seem to know things when you shouldn't.

You may have suffered greatly for having these abilities which you didn't understand, which separated you from others. But take joy in the fact that you are special and extremely important to us, our world and our spiritual transformation.

Take your place in our world as the most important gift we have ever received from the cosmos. 

By keeping this energy close to you at all times, Julia's Star Child pendants, prints and other jewelry help you open and maintain your connection to your amazing abilities.

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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.