Star Dog - The Spirit Of Pure Love Energy Pendant - From the Magic Chi collection

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This Energy Channeled Pendant Helps You Connect To The Pure Loving Souls Of All The Dogs You Have Ever Known And Loved.
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Hand made in our new age studios in Gypsum Colorado. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. This is a very high quality piece made with fired resinated glass and ground prisms on cast, polished jewelry grade stainless.  This is part of Julia's "Magic Chi" collection based on design elements of sacred temples she visited in Asia.


Dear Friends,

I often tell my husband that dogs are actually angels among us … very pure souls who bring unconditional love, loyalty, protection and joy to us like no other. 
I cannot count the stories I see every day where a dog showed immense love and devotion for its human companion. They truly are earth angels sent from heaven.
I asked spirit how I could honor these wonderful beings, and bring that pure energy of their companionship to your heart. I also asked for something that would bring back the spirit of whatever dog you loved and have lost so you could feel him/her next to you again.
The vision I received was the Star Dog which I have painted here. To me, the vision represents any and all dogs, including your dog. It tells us that although dogs walk among us on our world, their souls are actually higher beings, the stuff of the stars and heavens, here to comfort and guide us along our path.
I channeled and painted the energy of this vision into the image you now see, then placed it onto a pendant so you can have this feeling with you always.
I'm looking at my Star Dog now and all I can say is not only do I feel close to the little angels (Sam and Fu) who live with me now .... but I also feel the presence of my dog Daisy who passed last year, and my dog Oscar who died many years ago. I can finally think about them without crying for once.
And you can too.
I guarantee that if you get one of my Star Dog energy pendants and focus on it for two weeks you will:
  • Experience a stronger bond with your dogs.
  • Begin to sense the energies of those dogs you have loved and lost.
  • Experience a more free and open heart.
If not, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
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