The Blessing Angel Divine Energy Charm

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Focus and Receive Your Blessing Now!

Stare into this divinely channeled image and feel God’s energy enter you through his conduit “The Blessing Angel.”

The Blessing Angell fills your heart, heals your soul and puts your mind at rest. Learn below about the special message and blessing this angel asked me to give you.

Available Charms 

This wearable art is hand made with loving care using channeled positive energy. Created from fired resinated glass on sterling silver.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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An Answer To Your Pain And Struggle 

You’ve been struggling & carrying this burden for far too long. Sometimes you wonder “when is this going to get better?”

The answer is, that at this very moment you are being blessed with divine light from God’s messenger, The Blessing Angel. You just need to open your spirit to it … let your heart be filled with it … and your life will be much different.

She Came To Me In My Dreams For Two Whole Years 

For over two years he Blessing Angel came to me in my dreams, recently guiding my hand in creating her energy image/painting and jewelry for you— filling it with divine energy and a metaphysical link to her blessings. Try staring into this energized image now and feel her blessing wash over you. Don’t things feel different already?


Here Is The Blessing Message I Received For You 

You are living with pain, or doubt or fear or even anger. But you don’t have to. In my dreams the blessing angel gave me this message for you.

Come to me and allow God’s light to put your mind at rest. Know that all you have experienced, the good and the bad, was always part of God’s plan. In the end all things will be put right and you will understand.

You are a child of the creator and infinitely special in his eyes. From this moment forward, when you are troubled, look to the skies and let this angelic blessing fill your heart and replenish your soul.

As your belief that you are blessed grows stronger so will the good you attract to your life. Let the one’s blessing energize you and bring light to all those around you. You are now blessed! 

Super Charge Your Blessing Now 

Keep this blessing energy focused on you all the time when you get one of Julia’s Blessing Angel charms, pendants or prints. Keep it close and regenerate your blessing again and again.


We Guarantee You Will Be Blessed 

We guarantee that if you get the Blessing Angel Print or Jewelry, and focus on it for a few weeks, you will feel more blessed, more at peace with yourself, a stronger sense of purpose and acceptance. If not, return it within 30 days of purchase for refund.

This is a risk free way to bring divine light and energy into your life.

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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.