The Bodhi Tree - The Tree Under Which Buddha Reached Enlightenment

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This painting emits the metaphysical energy of transcendence and enlightenment through a spiritual archetype of the divine tree under which Buddha became “the awakened one.”  Created by world renowned “Energy Artist Julia” it is believed to evoke a strong sense of peace and joy in all who stand near. Focusing on this image here can bring these same unbelievable feelings to you, a doorway into those things beyond expression. Try it now, and see what happens.

We are now offering museum grade giclee prints of this amazing painting that are hand-signed by the artist. These are top quality collector’s prints where you can see the finest details. They are archival meaning the colors will remain vibrant for over 100 years.

Placing one in your home means you can experience this energy every day of your life. These feelings are truly priceless.

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How To Use It

Focus on this image, especially before bed, noting each individual piece and also the image as a whole then tying this to the feelings of joy and peace. Try to see it in your mind right before you go to sleep and as you fade off let yourself descend into its feelings. Some say they dream of energy patterns while others say they see the trees energy reaching out to them. Those advanced in meditation can do this while awake.

The Enchanted Forest

This tree is found within the enchanted forest, a common theme in the new work of energy artist Julia Watkins. The enchanted forest is a place we visit in our dreams and legends, a real world created from our collective subconscious where mysteries are unraveled and blessings are received. It is born of our hopes and desires, a physical manifestation of that deep well of creativity from which each of us may draw in limitless abundance. It is the form in which often that magical pool of metaphysical energy chooses to reveal itself to us. Let your mind float out into the forest and discover the truths that once eluded you.

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The Tree Of Life

This image is from the new Tree Of Life series by world renowned metaphysical artist Julia Watkins. The Tree Of Life is an ancient mystical concept alluding to the interconnection of all life on our planet and a cosmic link to the celestial heavens through metaphysical energies. Mystics have for millennia looked to this tree as both a map of creation and a link to higher thought. Artist Julia Watkins creates stunning paintings which reflect and emit these energies to all those who find themselves in their presence.

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 Please Note: DUE TO LARGE DEMAND FOR THESE ITEMS PLEASE ALLOW UP TO TWO WEEKS FOR YOUR ORDER TO SHIP. LARGER PRINTS (LARGER THAN THE SMALLEST SIZE) ARE SPECIAL ORDER FROM AN OUTSIDE PRINTER, ARE NON REFUNDABLE AND TAKE THREE WEEKS FOR US TO GET, GIVE OR TAKE A FEW DAYS. Once we pay the printer for these prints the order cannot be cancelled. To keep the cost of larger prints down, and still provide great quality, we have to use an out of state printer which causes shipping to be delayed.



All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.


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    Bodhi Tree

    Posted by Jane Wright on Sep 2nd 2020

    Beautiful. Calming and Inspiring. Love it. The 6th print I have purchased.