The “Cosmic Woman” Sky Diamond Earrings - Shine bright forever, and brighter still, every time you wear them.

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I never had so many people ask about a pair of earrings

as when I wore these to dinner.

Unique gold and diamond design projects the energies of diamond stars to dazzle and delight you.

Introducing the “Cosmic Woman” Sky Diamond Earrings - Shine bright forever, and brighter still, every time you wear them.  

Only 24 of these magical earrings exist in the universe.  I hope you become one o the lucky ones to own a pair. ~ Energy Artist Julia

1.7 inches long by half an inch wide.  7-9 diamonds per earring set in 2 micron deep gold plate that will never rub off.  Sold at or below wholesale.  You can't get this quality, at this price anywhere else.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.  
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Dear Friends,

When we created the shape of these earrings,  the spiritual impression I got from them was of diamond-shaped gold stars shining bright in the sky — like when you notice the one or two stars that really stand out in the night  — and you tell someone you love “Look at that bright one.”

I really loved their shape. But my artistic and spiritual instincts told me something was missing, or that they could be so much more.

Then I hit on it.  My inner muse spoke. To bring out their true powers and energies,  spirit told me to ad some really nice diamonds - making them look like there were white diamonds within big gold diamonds.

The change was fantastic.  Once finished, these earrings were completely mesmerizing, as if they emitted cosmic magic, like the feeling you get when you see a shooting star  — and you experience all the hope and possibility of that special moment.

Sometimes small artistic and energetic changes like this make all the difference. 

I must say that is such a great experience to wear them.   The design is very unusual but extremely elegant. The light hits the diamonds, which flash out their brilliance, sparkling bright and filling everyone around you with wonder. 

People look at you as you walk by and think “There goes a cosmic woman”.

Everyone who sees them asks where I got them and says they are so classy. They say they’ve never seen anything like them before. And they are right.  Only 24 pairs of these exist in the entire world.

I’m offering them on a first come first served basis  I hope you are one of the lucky 24 to get a pair.

About These Diamonds

There’s just nothing like wearing diamonds, especially in a unique and energetic design like this. You feel special, protected, strong, beautiful, and completely alive.  

I want to feel that way.  I want to feel that way always and forever.

They say that diamonds enhance the following in you and your relationships and based on my experience, I’m a believer:





Angelic Blessings




Spiritual Consciousness 


I’ve always had diamonds, and always will.

Great Price - Near Wholesale For You

Each earring has between 7 and 9  natural diamonds (H-I Color, SI Clarity), set in permanent 2-micron deep gold plate that will never rub off   You don’t usually see pave styles like this with this quality of diamonds.  Usually, they are lesser quality.

You just can’t get something like this, at this price anywhere.  They are being offered at near wholesale pricing or even less.

I’m only able to do this because I source materials directly from lapidaries in India, including the diamond cutters, eliminating two or even three levels of middlemen.

Energy Enhanced

Before I send you your earrings, I will ask spirit to infuse them with the special magical energies of the cosmos, bringing wonder and the special blessings of the diamonds to you in a way that is incredibly powerful.

You will feel it, and realize you are a special child of the great wordless, awe-inspiring mystery of the universe. You will realize that deep down, you are the “cosmic woman” and always have been.

I hope you are one of the special 24 people to experience this.



Energy Artist Julia

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* Note: These items were created for healing and protection of the spirit only. They are not a substitute for medical treatment or the advice of medical, financial, legal or other professionals, or for physical protection. Our obligation under the guarantee is limited to the price you paid us directly for the item and you agree to the same when you purchase them.
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