The "Flirt Master" Art Of Seduction Necklace. Combines 8 different stones of seduction.

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I call this necklace “The Flirt Master” because my husband Spencer says that’s what I become when I wear it.  All he knows is that he’s dying to take me out on a date.

Learn below how “The Flirt Master - Art Of Seduction Necklace” brings excitement and romance to your life.

Very High Quality Stones Of Seduction - confetti sunstone, chrysoprase, peach moonstone, green moonstone, Botswana agate, goldstone, African green turquoise, white agate and gold fill chain.

Guaranteed you will become better at flirting and attracting your love interests, or you can return it within 30 days for a refund.*
Comes with instructions for activating and using the stones.
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I LOVE HOW I FEEL WHEN I WEAR THS. There is nothing like the feeling of being desired by a love interest. You feel so alive and energized. ~ Energy Artist Julia

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Dear Friends,

Flirting is a way for us to not only attract a mate, but keep the love alive in a relationship.  And for some it is a way to ensure that you get what you want and need in life.  

Or it may just be a fun thing to do.

Assuming nobody is being hurt, and nobody is being led on, there is nothing wrong with it. And honestly, flirting can be exciting.

Why Spirit Had Me Make You This Talisman Of Seduction

I didn’t set out to make this kind of necklace.  I just asked spirit what I should do for you now and this is what my hands were guided to do. 

Then we researched this stone combination and  realized I had created what Spencer and I called “The Flirt Master” because he said that is what I turn into when I wear it. 

But I wondered “why would spirit want more of us to flirt?”

And I realized that flirting, that playful tug and pull of attraction and fun, is the opposite of fighting, anger, hurt feelings, rage, despair, and hopelessness - all the things that seem to be going on these days. 

It brings people together, makes them feel good about themselves and can lead to lasting bonds that change your life.

How It Works - The Art Of Gentle Seduction

This necklace is full of stones of attraction. And when you see it, the first thing you think is that it emits seductive  energies in a gentle and understated way.  

It isn’t like “out there” powerful “come and get it” type of seduction energy but something that works more slowly and over time can really rope them in.

Here are the stones and how they help.

Confetti Sunstone Drops - These three beautiful yellow/orange stones sit over your heart when you wear it, awakening you to joy which helps you smile more and flirt more effectively. 

It also gives you a level of control in the direction of the flirting, helping you manifest the potential life you want with a partner. It offers you clarity in understanding where the two of you may align.

Chrysoprase - This is the stone of Venus, the goddess of seduction, attraction, love, and beauty.

It awakens the power of attraction and persuasion within you. It also is believed to help you better express your feelings and thoughts when engaging with someone.  It opens the communication that is necessary to flirt. 

Peach Moonstone - This is the stone of intuitive knowing so you understand the hopes, thoughts and desires of the potential partner.  

It also elicits trust between you and inspires spontaneity which is a hallmark of a new or newly inspired relationship.  .

AND, peach moonstone if famous for helping you awaken your erotic inner nature.  When this happens, potential partners who are a match for you can sense it and are attracted to you. 

Green Moonstone - This stone increases your intuition in matters of the heart so you understand the attraction you feel and the attraction a potential partner feels.  So it helps you know who to flirt with.

It also boosts your feminine goddess energy while inspiring  emotional balance, love, and compassion. 

Finally, this stone brings balance, alignment and resonance between feminine and masculine.  This is important in interactions you might have as it keeps them healthy.

Botswana Agate - improves your attention to details, especially the subtle cues of others, while awaking your sense of adventure. 

Goldstone -  inspires a happy positive attitude which is necessary in flirting.  It also increases drive and ambition.  

African Green Turquoise - This stone is both protective and healing of the heart.  It can help you let go of baggage so you can have a healthy relationship, should you decide to have one with a person with whom you flirt.

White Agate - This  stone enhances self expression, communication and joy which helps you put out vibes that draw them near.

Not much more needs to be said about this necklace. Just put it on, feel beautiful and go have some fun.  There’s nothing like feeling so alive, desirable and intimate.



Energy Artist Julia

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