The “Forever Love” Bracelet - Celtic love knot with rose and crackle quartz binds your love together.

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This Bracelet Says "I Will Love You Forever - My Heart Is Yours."
Powerful Celtic Knot - Magical Love Binding Design - With Love Enhancing Rose And Crackle Quartz. 
The "Forever Love" Energy Bracelet

When I look at this bracelet, I energetically feel two hearts joined together in love. It is powerful, beautiful, and fills me with emotion. ~ Energy Artist Julia

Get it for yourself, or give it to another.

You will not find this quality at this price anywhere. Because we buy in bulk, we often sell below wholesale. Only one person in the relationship needs to wear this for it to work.

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Dear Friends,
Wearing or giving this bracelet says “I’ll love you forever, my heart is yours.” It signifies that on an emotional and spiritual level, you are linked to one another - heart, mind, and soul.
But there is more going on here than meets the eye. You’re not just wearing a pretty bracelet that symbolizes something. This is something that energetically connects you to one another.
Wearing the sacred love knot with these particular stones facilitates a strong binding of heart energies. Energetically and psychically, under heaven and stars, it links two willing hearts eternally, come what may. It provides special, almost magical abilities.
Now if the relationship changes, and you want out, the attachment changes. But until then it links two people like no other. 
It is also a way to express commitment, without the necessity of marriage, although it can include marriage.
The Special Magic It Brings
This bracelet contains the famous Celtic love knot, a powerful sacred love symbol, combined with love intensifying rose quartz and clear crackle quartz that further amplifies both the knot and the rose quartz. 
I’ve energy-infused this bracelet to link you and your love on a spiritual level. 
That means you will instinctively know what the other person is thinking, how he or she is feeling, and be able to energetically reach out to them to help, or to receive help. 
It greatly enhances a sense of empathy, devotion, and teamwork between couples. It gives them the ability to heal one another’s spirit and pursue their dreams in a united fashion. It works especially well when a couple has common goals.
What’s more, as one person grows within a relationship like this, the other also grows, learns, and expands their consciousness.
How To Make It Work
It feels so magic. Just putting it on is really all it takes. I will, however, include an instruction card with some binding words that can be used for this bracelet. Be prepared, however, to choke up a little when you say them.
Only one person in the relationship has to wear this for it to work. although the other person should know about it.
Using It For Non-Romantic Relationships
I know we have a photo of a couple pictured with this bracelet. But this kind of connection has also been used for nonromantic relationships between friends, siblings, parent and child, and even with pets.
One of the strongest links of love I have ever seen is actually between Spencer and his children. He always knows what they are feeling and thinking, and often sends them healing and soothing energies. And when he does, they usually call him out of the blue. This bracelet can bring the same sort of link to you and your family.
Just remember. Many of the people in our lives have been with us in our past lives as well - on this and other worlds. You are karmically joined for eternity. Sometimes I think of the bracelet as opening and strengthening channels that are already there. 
Always Believe In Love's Immense Power
There is no power greater, more healing or more enlightening than love. It raises you to the highest of spiritual levels, And although sometimes it can hurt, ultimately it is the thing that allows us to ascend. Don’t be afraid. You always win with love, although you can’t always see how.
Love is so powerful that Buddha once used its power to defeat an army who were blocking our path to the divine afterlife and forcing us to be reincarnated forever. He didn’t fight, he just projected love, and changed all those who stood in our way of ascension.
I encourage you to let this bracelet strengthen your links to others. Let the love freely flow.
Energy Artist Julia
What's The Hold-Up?
You have a way to join with your soulmate on a whole new level,
And you get to try it risk-free, so
Act now, before it is too late,
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Product Reviews

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    Beautiful and Powerful

    Posted by Alina on Mar 25th 2022

    Thank you so much for this beautiful bracelet sent home with love and care, Julia. It is really pretty and has strong energy. I really love this divine piece that I wear everyday and has completed the soul mate painting I have had of you a while ago. I am grateful that we have found each other again this life time like we did before. We have been closer than ever before. This bracelet is amazing as well as the painting!

  • 5
    Forever Love Bracelet

    Posted by Melinda on Feb 19th 2022

    Is so love and I are even closer now..even though he is in another country..Feels like we are coming together in so many ways sooner than expected