The “Jinx-Breaker" Good Luck Energy Bracelet - Helps reverse bad luck and bring you better luck.

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This is the only lucky bracelet that comes with a “good luck” guarantee.*

Guaranteed it will help reverse bad luck you are having and reprogram your energies so you can have better luck in the future. Learn more below.*

Introducing: The “Jinx-Breaker" Good Luck Energy Bracelet

Includes the best, hand-selected stone combination for reversing bad luck and manifesting good luck  - yellow mica and blue apatite. It will quickly become your "lucky bracelet."


This lucky bracelet was created in our "sacred space," new age studio in the spiritual center of Crestone, CO USA. 

Energy infused by Julia using her famous blessing methods to bring you good luck. 

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A letter from Julia About Your Bracelet

Dear Friends,

There are times when everything seems to be going wrong. And I wonder, “could my luck get any worse?”  We all go through this sometimes.  

But it is normally difficult to immediately change your luck when it starts going bad.  The more you think about it, the more bad luck you manifest.  It is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken.  But how?

How I Broke A Cycle Of Bad Luck

I was experiencing a series of mishaps just last week.   Within a short period of time, our puppy broke my cherished elephant statue, I lost my keys, I burned something in the oven … and the list went on and on.

I experienced one calamity after the next until it suddenly stopped and I didn’t know why.

I  had to think back and only then realized that things started going my way after I touched the stones in this bracelet. Their power seemed to break my string of bad luck. 

I knew the bracelet had worked, but I didn’t know why it worked until I researched this stone combination.

How Combining Yellow Mica And Blue Apatite In This Bracelet Reverses Bad Luck

Yellow mica uplifts, purifies and revitalizes your spiritual energies so strongly that it is said it even reverses bad luck and misfortune. It improves your will to focus on only positive things and believe in only positive outcomes which has everything to do with having good luck.

Have you ever known someone so pure, so strong and so positive that nothing seemed to get them down and things always seemed to go their way?  I have. 

It is like they are a force of nature that can’t be stopped.  It is like they are the embodiment of everything yellow mica does.

Yellow mica is the stone that brings about the kind of positive energies that overcome anything that is draining you and making things go wrong in your life.  It makes you an unshakable, positive person.

Blue Apatite. When yellow mica is combined with blue apatite, it also cleanses your energies, removes negative influences that may have been bringing you bad luck, boosts your confidence and helps you manifest a much more positive future where you have better luck. 

It also boosts your innate knowledge so you can pinpoint the true source of your problems and your bad luck.  It helps remove some of the negative emotions when things just seem to be going wrong and replaces them with calm reason. 

It helps you emotionally move beyond being frazzled by bad luck, which means the bad luck has not negative thoughts helping it manifest in your life.

Reprogramming Yourself For Good Luck - Guaranteed To Work*

With this bracelet I include simple instructions for activating the stones so they can reprogram your energies to manifest good luck for you.

The instructions are easy to follow, and over time you will discover that your luck definitely changes for the better.  If not, return it within 30 days for a refund.*

Energy Blessed To Become Your “Lucky Bracelet”

This bracelet wouldn’t be complete without a divine blessing.  So from the sacred golden vortex area of Crestone, CO where I live, I asked spirit to infuse your bracelet with good luck whenever you wear it.

These blessings have had amazing results in the past, with people even reporting spontaneous healing from them. So they are sure to work for you too.

Remember That “Good Luck” Is A Matter Of Perspective

And while this will be your “lucky bracelet” that doesn’t mean you can just go out and take big risks you wouldn’t normally take.  So please don’t do that. 

And remember, while you may still have some bad luck, it probably won’t be as bad as it could have been.

“Good Luck” is a matter of perspective.  I once got in a car accident and thought I was so unlucky, until I realized that by divine chance it wasn’t far worse.  We could have been killed but were lucky enough to come out only with a big dent in our car. 

Limited Quantities

Because I hand-selected the most beautiful, most energetic and luckies stones of all for this bracelet, I don’t have many bracelets to offer. And when they run out, I may not be able to get more 

So please, if you need some good luck, get this while it is available.  Personally, I can’t express how valuable good luck can be to your life.

Here’s your chance to have some.



EnergyArtist Julia

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