The Jade Buddha Good Luck Energy Pendant

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The Jade Buddha pendant helps you let go of things you cannot really change, so you can open yourself to all of the good life has to offer. Through Buddha's lessons in acceptance, and the good luck colors of jade, you create a new path to a better future.

Hand made with loving care in the USA. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. Fired resinated glass on stainless. Size 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Price is for the pendant only. Chains sold separately. 30 day money back guarantee.

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Do you feel out of sorts with your world and yourself ... like nothing seems to go right for you ever? Do you believe you have bad luck? It doesn't have to be like this when you embrace the energy of the Jade Buddha.

Created and energy enhanced based on Feng Shui good luck principles, Julia's new Jade Buddha metaphysical painting and jewelry brings you back into harmony and balance. It allows you to love and accept yourself, forgive yourself and others for past mistakes and thereby open a path to good luck in the future.

How To Eliminate Bad Luck Through Self Acceptance 

Much bad luck is caused by lack of harmony within yourself and the world around you ... mostly the result of non acceptance of the things you cannot really change.

Too often we fail to accept and move on from events in our pasts or things around us over which we have no control, leading to wasted energy and negative thoughts which bring bad luck.

In essence, bad luck is all in your mind. The Jade Buddha helps you change your mind about your bad luck and thereby brings you good luck. Find out how below.

How The Jade Buddha Works To Change Your Bad Luck 

By blending the harmonizing energies of Buddha and his lessons of acceptance, with the fantastic green good luck colors of jade, Energy Artist Julia has created these jewelry pieces that help turn around your bad luck.

Through these energies you learn to take things in stride, accepting life as merely a season of your existence. And as a result, when your thoughts are no longer focused on negativity, you open yourself to all the good things that can come from the world around you.

Close your eyes, focus on the Jade Buddha and just feel your luck changing as you read this. The results can be amazing! See below.

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How The Jade Buddha Worked For Energy Artist Julia 

During the time I created this painting and and jewelry I faced a significant financial problem, as many artists do, and needed a near miracle to overcome this event. As I worked on the Jade Buddha, its energy began to affect me and I started to accept that all I could do was my best, and what would be would be. Once I relaxed, the situation came into better perspective and all the things that needed to happen to get me out of this pickle miraculously happened.

I came to accept that in the end, everything would work out as it was supposed to for me. Immediately after I let go and accepted this situation, my luck changed.

I know that the Jade Buddha helped me overcome this bad luck, and especially alleviated a lot of unnecessary fear that was weighing on my spirit. I hope through this image, I can pass the lessons I learned on to you. ~ Energy Artist Julia

You can't afford to live with bad luck. Embrace the lessons of acceptance through the Jade Buddha and turn your luck around today.

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