The Future Seer’s Bracelet - Thrive in uncertain times. Energy blessed lapis and hematite.

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Take Advantage Of This Early Release- Lapis Future Seer's Bracelet

Use its powerful energies to pick and choose the future you want, avoid the pitfalls of uncertain times and thrive from new opportunities you are able to see.

Only 10 or less available per size. 

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I’m  releasing this bracelet early, with a photo just from my phone, because I don’t think I’ll be able to get it professionally photographed any time soon

I also felt its powers of foresight will give you a big advantage over the coming months so you can thrive and find new opportunities during times of uncertainty.

Plus, I know the holiday rush will start in a couple of weeks. so I wanted to give you a chance to get one (or more) before they sell out.

If you think it looks beautiful in this photo from my cell phone, just wait until you see it in person.  It is gorgeous. 

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A letter from Julia About This Bracelet

Dear Friends

An uncertain future is something we are all facing right now. With major changes happening to our society it is hard to know what to do, how to prepare, where to be and what information to trust. But there are stones like these that can help.

Our surveys show that the top three negative emotions people are feeling these days are fear, worry and frustration.

Needless to say, these kinds of emotions can be damaging spiritually, emotionally and even physically, as stress is the #1 killer in our society today.

I”m assuming that if you are feeling a lot of stress, you have sought medical treatment for it because stress can come with major health risks. If not I encourage you to do so.

Stones that may also help you, but are not a substitute for medical treatment include those found in this bracelet. Here they are.

Lapis. The first stone is Lapis. This bracelet contains ample amounts of really nice blue lapis in a double curb design. This stone is called a “seer’s” stone in that it opens the third eye chakra, allowing you to see things as they truly are, and even see into the future.

It helps you see spirit’s divine plan for you, so you know that you are actually on the right track, and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

When you know everything is right, and that things will work out just fine, you can relax and feel content in the moment. This in turn leads to a better quality of life.

Lapis also gives you a sense of what may come to pass. Some say they have absolute visions of the future when the wear it. For me I simply get an inkling of the way things can turn out and guide myself to the outcome I want.

Hematite. This hematite is copper/brass coated, which increases its abilities to ground you. This is necessary so when you look out, you stay rooted in reality. What you see is real, because you haven’t been disconnected from earth when see it 

Why I’m Offering This To You Early

I’m releasing this bracelet early to you.

The reason is that I have a lot of beautiful jewelry items backed up awaiting professional photography. But I’m not sure when they will be photographed and I realize that the holiday rush is soon coming.  

I also got a message from spirit that this is needed now by one of more of you.

So I’m releasing the bracelet early with photos just from my phone  If you think it looks pretty here, just imagine how beautiful it is in person. 

I have 10 or less per size, and probably can’t get more stone, so I suggest you get it now while you can. If you resonate with it, it was probably destined for you. 

Despite being an early release, it will still come with a descriptive card, meditation, activation instructions and gift box.

Like all of my items, it is energy blessed by me where I ask spirit to bless you every time you wear it.


Energy Artist Julia 

Don’t Wait! I wasn't able to find that many stones with the right energies for this piece. 


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*Note: These items DO NOT replace the need for medical treatment or counseling, financial advice or physical protection if you are your family are in a dangerous situation. Our obligation under this warranty and guaranty is limited only to the price paid directly to us for the item, and in purchasing you agree to release us from all other obligations.


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    Love it

    Posted by Raluca on Feb 10th 2024

    I ador Lapis! I love the size and shape of the stones. Makes me feel powerful.