The Gem Of Gems, “Does Everything” Multicolored Sapphire Bracelet

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Sapphire, The "Gem Of Gems" Is One Of The Most Beneficial Stones You Can Wear
And this bracelet has the most powerful colors.
These sapphires are said to bring you wisdom, learning, optimism, growth of spiritual and psychic abilities, protection, luck, faith, love, abundance, creativity, compassion, insight, forgiveness, vision, enlightenment and many more. Learn all that this does for you below.

I'm grateful I am able to offer you these sapphires at this incredible price. It was a stroke of fortune to find them. ~ Energy Artist Julia

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Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 120-day exchange guarantee. Includes an assortment of sapphire colors, 9-12 mm, 20 to 40 carats per bracelet depending on size. Prices vary by carat weight and size.


Dear Friends,
Last year, I was lucky enough to run into a gem dealer I know who needed money right away. He offered me a large number of sapphires at about half of the wholesale price. I got them all, and I’m passing those savings onto you. 
You actually cannot even buy the raw materials for these sapphire bracelets now without spending more than I am charging. And mine are finished pieces, energy infused to work at the highest level.
This is a deal I probably will never be able to offer again. Prices have since gone up a lot.
Why You Need To Wear Sapphires? Because they do for you just about everything you could want.
Sapphires are considered the gem of gems. They are the second hardest gemstone after diamonds. In almost all religions they are considered sacred. 
The Greeks wore sapphire so they could understand the messages they heard from the Oracle At Delphi. The Ten Commandments were said to have been carved by God on sapphire. Buddhists believed it encouraged spiritual enlightenment while Hindus believed that it brought about astrological alignment.
Sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom, learning, royalty, integrity, mental powers and psychic powers. It is said to calm and focus the mind, restoring equilibrium and balancing your energies for optimal spiritual health. 
It is also good at protecting you from negative energies, the evil eye and deceit. It is so powerful a protector that it is even used to guard against black magic. 
It is one of the most beneficial stones you can wear.
It comes in various colors aside from blue. The bracelets I’m offering CAN have a combination of the following color types, with natural variations. Stones that have more than one of these colors have the powers of both colors.
  • Orange Sapphire enhances spirituality, optimism, creativity and sensuality. It is often worn by artists, and other creative individuals to enhance the flow of ideas and insights.
  • Pink Sapphire promotes loving emotion. Encourages forgiveness, acceptance and loyalty.
  • Violet Sapphire stimulates spiritual awakening. It enhances meditation and is said to allow the kundalini to rise.
  • White Sapphire enhances strength of spirit, bringing clarity of mind while giving you the resolve to overcome obstacles that seemed daunting.
  • Yellow Sapphire not only brings abundance but also helps you use the law of attraction to reach your goals and manifest what you want.
  • Blue Sapphire helps you stay on your spiritual path, enhances healing and wisdom. 
  • Green Sapphire emits energies of wisdom, faith, belief and integrity. It enhances compassion, vision and insight and improves dream recall. Also known to be lucky.
  • Red Sapphire. Red sapphires are also called rubies. The GIA limits rubies to only those red sapphires that are predominantly red while the ICA says any shade of red is a ruby. Many of my sapphires have shades of red which is said to recharge your chi energies and amplify the energies of the other stones.
Limited Availability At This Price
It isn’t likely, with limited supplies and prices going up, that I will be able to get authentic sapphires like this again and offer them at this price. In sourcing them recently, I found prices had doubled.
So this may be your one chance to own beautiful, real sapphires. AND, I guarantee my stones are authentic while a lot of what I’m seeing online are not.
Energy Infused - Feel The Difference
I put a lot of effort into channeling energies into your bracelet. I used the same method that I do for performing my mass blessings where people have even reported spontaneous healing.
You will notice the difference when you put your bracelet on. Energy channeled and activated stones have a different feel when you wear them, like you are surrounded in magic.
Guaranteed Results
I guarantee that when you put your bracelet on, you will feel a new lightness and positivity. I also guarantee that with practice following the included meditation cards, you will begin to feel the positive benefits for which these stones are known.
If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund. 
Don’t Wait - May Never Come Again
You know that this is a deal you may never find again, and
You know sapphires are one of the most powerful and beautiful stones, and
You get to try them risk free, so
Click ADD TO CART and get yours before we run out.
I look forward to hearing your stories about how these magnificent stones have helped and improved your life.
Energy Artist Julia

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Product Reviews

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    Sapphire Bracelet

    Posted by Christine Glenn on Sep 29th 2023

    I love the bracelet

  • 5

    Posted by Andrea Denham on Oct 13th 2022

    I love this bracelet! Beautifully made and you can’t help but stare at the gorgeous stones. One of my very favorites!

  • 5
    Versatile beautiful sapphire bracelet!

    Posted by Maryann on Jul 9th 2022

    Beautiful variety & depth of colors of sapphires in this bracelet, making it a very versatile bracelet that can be worn with most everything. Can be an everyday bracelet worn alone or next to a watch. I love it and it would make a good gift as well. Very good price. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    The Gem of Gems "Does Everything" Multicolored Sapphire Bracelet

    Posted by Kat Murphy Kimble on Jul 3rd 2022

    I love this exquisite sapphire bracelet! This was a no-brainer, as sapphire is my birthstone. I wear this every day. It's colorful and gorgeous!

  • 5
    The Gem of Gems bracelet

    Posted by Deborah on Apr 7th 2022

    This bracelet is absolutely beautiful. Wearing it makes me feel energized and happy. I love all the jewelry I've bought here, but this is my favorite.

  • 5
    Sapphire Beauty

    Posted by Ellen on Apr 7th 2022

    I love this bracelet. There is something gentle and elegant about it at the same time. Just gazing into the stones produces a calming effect. Thanks for making your gorgeous jewelry, Julia. You are a blessing.