The "Heal Your Past" Bracelet - Beautiful rose pink rhodonite and garnet help remove emotional entanglements so you can awaken to a bright and happy future.

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This beautifully colored, unusual rose pink rhodonite is known to clear away confusing past emotional entanglements/attachments and heal past traumas that are keeping you from joy and happiness.
Awakens your mind to new hope, happiness, and joy to your life.
Hurry and click ADD TO CART to get yours now while you can.  This bracelet contains an usuaual rose pink rhodonite. This may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to own it.

It feels like such a relief to put this on. I've made a lot of headway in a short period of time with issues that have pulled me down for a long time. ~ Energy Artist Julia

You will not find this quality anywhere else, and the energies it puts out are out of this world.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. Limited quantities so hurry.  Colors in these stones, within each bracelet can vary 30% from more pink to more raspberry.

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Dear Friends,
Sometimes we get hopelessly caught up in emotional entanglements: confusion over past hurts, fallout from past unhealthy relationships or a negative outlook based on bad experiences. You can lose sight of what is good and just not know what to do.
It is common to get dragged down by these things. 
But one gemstone I have found that really helps untangle confusion, negativity and past negative attachments is rhodonite.  
It clears away the stain of past unhealthy attachments while increasing your self-love, self-esteem and sense of self-worth. When you wear it for a day, you can go from feeling there is no hope to saying to yourself “life is good.”
That’s the miracle of rhodonite. It works behind the scenes at untangling your confusion and conflicting emotions, allowing you to once again experience the good life - all its happiness, joy, and wonder.
Why I Added Garnet
The red garnet grounds you which is important when healing past traumas.  It brings things into perspective as well,  taking the sting out of thinking about things in the past that hurt you.
Wearing it is like going on vacation, taking a step back, and getting things back into perspective.
Great Quality - Energy Blessed
This bracelet has some really pretty rhodonite, unlike most of what you will see. It really is nice quality and as such, does more for you.
What’s more, I do one of my blessings on your piece so it is clear and works better than anything you can normally get. You will notice the difference in its energies the moment you touch it.
Limited Quantities
I have only 12 of these bracelets available in most sizes. 
If this feels right to you now, I suggest you get it before they are all gone. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own something like this. You probably won't see it again in your lifetime.
Guaranteed To Help You*
I see no point in offering things I don’t guarantee. So I guarantee that if you wear this for two weeks, and follow the included instructions, you will feel more clarity and less confusion about emotional issues you have been feeling. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
I hope that when you resonate with this, you will treat yourself to one. I have a limited quantity, so please don’t wait if you want it.
Energy Artist Julia
Click ADD TO CART and get yours before they run out.
Don't Wait
You know that past emotional entanglements and attachments can sap your energies, and
This is a way to bring some relief from this burden, so
Click here and get yours now, while I still have them.
Click and get yours before we sell out.

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Product Reviews

  • 5
    Heal your past bracelet

    Posted by Karen on Apr 4th 2024

    This bracelet is gorgeous and is definitely has beautiful healing energy. I am wearing it every day and feeling something in me shifting.. Thank you for making such amazing jewellery. ?

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Doreen Piazza on Sep 6th 2023

    69 years to heal. So far so good???

  • 5
    Provides Comfort and Healing

    Posted by A Justine on Aug 18th 2023

    I recently wore this bracelet and used the activation throughout the day. I found by the end of the day, I felt lighter and stronger as I processed my sadness. It's very healing and has magnificent shades of pink and red that pop! Such a pretty bracelet.

  • 5

    Posted by Lani on Nov 16th 2022

    Beautiful stones and well made. I just put it on today and love the energy.