The “Healing From Above” Angel Raphael Bracelet. Calls down the angel to heal you, guaranteed. Includes green angel stone, turquoise, hematite.

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I put this on, called to the angel for healing, and received it. I even wore it when I was coming down with a cold and it really seemed to help. * I may never take it off again.

Introducing: The “Healing From Above” Angel Raphael Bracelet

Calls heaven’s healing light down to you. Guaranteed.*  

When I really need hope, comfort and healing, this is what I wear. ~ Energy Artist Julia.
With this bracelet, you get fully energized, hand-selected green angel stone, turquoise inlaid brass and laser treated gold hematite.  
Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 120-day exchange guarantee. Made In The Spiritual Vortex Area Of Crestone Colorado, USA. 
Comes with  easy-to-follow directions for activating it so you can receive healing energies!

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*Always consult your doctor if you are experiencing any medical issues. This is not intended to replace medical treatment.


A letter from Julia About Your Bracelet

Dear Friends,

When you or someone you know needs a lot of immediate healing, or when your life seems hopeless or lost, this is the stone combination you want to wear in a bracelet.

It has a comforting, ethereal, angelic healing feeling emanating from it that when you understand the stones that are included, it makes sense.

You can feel its healing powers just by looking at it in the photo.  It is much stronger in person. It is so helpful that I even wear it when I am getting a cold, and it really seems to help.

With that said though, I always must caution that this is not to be used as a replacement for medical treatment or advice. Always consult your doctor regarding any medical issues you are experiencing.

Here are the amazing stones your bracelet contains:

Green Angel Stone - this divine stone is said to call down to your side the angel of healing and health, Raphael.

Calling on Raphael in times of need has worked throughout the ages.  In fact, this angel’s actual name means “God Has Healed.” 

In ancient texts, Raphael was sent by God to soothe your pains and cure you. Raphael does this by acting as a conduit for you to the healing light of heaven while also bringing you great hope in your time of need.

But you don’t have to wait until the situation is dire to call on Raphael. This angel can help you every day. With this bracelet I’m providing a way to have this powerful angel with you always.

Turquoise Inlay Brass. -  this stone has been used since ancient times to protect and heal you when you wear it. 

Placing the turquoise in a brass matrix like this increases its healing powers for you.

What is more important though is that due to the shape of this bead, it points healing energies into the stones near it, increasing the power and effectiveness of the green angel stones.

It acts something like an amplifier of healing energies.

Gold Laser Cut Hematite - A laser treatment renders the hematite found in your bracelet an angelic gold color.  

It is a highly grounding stone so it helps pull the healing energies of heaven to earth, and to you.  

This is important because you need to funnel the light of heaven to earth for it to work, and you don’t want to just wait for it to happen.  

When you combine hematite with green angel, it is able to actively seek out the healing blessings of heaven for you and bring them to you.  

My senses told me that this bracelet works 10x as well due to the hematite automatically finding healing blessings for you.

Hand-Selected Angel Stones

This is a great stone combination for when you need immediate healing.  

But not all stones are the same. With a practiced eye, I went through piles of them, and walked the Tucson show for days to find only those I felt were beautiful, filled with energy and would help you.

There is a huge selection process that goes on to ensure you get only that which will bring you the most healing when you truly need it.

Each stone I find for you is a treasure in and of itself.  

Specially Blessed To Heal You

For your bracelet, I went to spirit and asked that the healing energy coming down to you be strengthened to a constant flow.  

I asked that each stone be cleared and aligned with the healing energies of heaven so they be optimally transmitted to you.  

While stones can have power in-and-of themselves, when they are working right, they act as a conduit for higher and stronger healing powers to reach you 24/7.

And I also asked that you not only receive constant healing from above, but that you also experience increased hope and comfort when you wear it. 

Just ordering it and knowing it is on its way to you can bring you great comfort.

About This Blessing

The blessing I did for your bracelet employed the same method I use when I do mass blessings where people have reported spontaneous healings.  

You will notice the difference when you touch the stones,

Guaranteed To Increase The Healing Energies You Receive, Or Your Money Back

I guarantee that you will notice a difference, that you will feel more healing energies coming to you when you wear this.  If it doesn’t work for you return it within 30 days for a refund.

Limited Quantities - Hurry

Like all of my creations, there is a limited time they are available because there is never a constant source of good quality, highly energetic stones for them.

If you feel you need this now, or you want to get it for someone who does, I suggest you get it now while you can.

A Time For Healing And Comfort

Spirit has told me that this is a time for you to focus on self-healing and comfort due to all the stresses and uncertainty pulling you in many directions.

That’s why I was directed to offer you this bracelet, now.

It is my greatest wish that you find love, peace, comfort and healing this year, and this is a great way to get started. down that path.


Energy Artist Julia

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Give It A Try - See If It Is Right For You
*I sell these with a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 120-day exchange guarantee. So there is time for you to try it out.
But before you do that, try just letting out a deep breath and focus on the photo. If it really resonates with you — if you feel a connection, then this is going to make a big difference in your life.

All photographic images, jewelry and writing Copyright Julia Watkins  All rights reserved.

* These items are made for healing of the spirit and spiritual protection only.  They are not a substitute for medical or professional advice, financial advice of any kind, physical protection or any treatment.  Always seek professional advice before making any decision. Our guarantee only covers the price paid directly to us for the item  -  which is our only obligation under this guarantee.  You can return this within 30 days for a refund if it doesn't work for you. In purchasing you agree to these terms. 


Product Reviews

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    Feeling Better since wearing this bracelet

    Posted by Cynthia Pierre on Mar 26th 2024

    I feel like some of the ills I have been experiencing have eased up substantially since I started wearing this bracelet. I love the design and I keep it on all the time. I really feel like this is helping me!