The “Joyous Life” Bracelet - Helps you love your life immensely for the little things. Top grade faceted rose quartz, morganite and hematite.

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Wear this for one day, and have the best day of your life.

Introducing: The “Joyous Life” Bracelet -

Helps you love your life immensely for the little things.

Features hand-selected love stones - beautiful faceted rose quartz, multi-colored morganite and brass-coated hematite. 

Learn how it works below.
Note: This photo was taken on a white background but by some miracle the stones emitted this lavender crown chakra energy that I couldn't see through the viewer.
I believe this happened because I hand-selected the stones that emitted the strongest energies to bring you love, peace and happiness - the holiest of all energies.  You can really tell the difference when you touch them. 
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You will not find this quality at this price anywhere. But we only have a few available so act now. Only 37 of these exist in the entire world.

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! Made in our new age studios in Gypsum, Colorado USA.


Dear Friends,

There is nothing more exciting, more healing, more uplifting, more joyful, and more protective than the power of love.

It is the strongest energy you can feel, and one that you should go to great lengths to let fill your heart every moment of every day.

And when I think about this love bracelet, I think about a time driving down a road, and suddenly every song I heard was one I loved, reminding me of good things I’d known, allowing good feelings to well up inside me.

It was like a switch was flipped and my mind was lifted from worry and drudgery.  Suddenly I was in love with life, filled with joy and experiencing natural beauty like one of the happiest days of my life.

How It Works

The power of this bracelet is that it enhances your ability to slow down,  appreciate the beauty around you, and find joy and happiness in all the little things that make this world wonderful.  

The bracelet has an amazing 80 carats of rose quartz, faceted to bring out its true beauty and energies. It also includes the love stone morganite. These stones are famous for eliciting feelings of love within. 

It also includes the grounding stone hematite coated in brass which enhances protection of your feelings.

It isn’t just romantic love this bracelet brings about.  It also enhances feelings of family love, optimism, confidence, and a deep knowing that in the end, spirit will provide — all your problems will be solved.

When you trust that everything will be put right eventually, it is so much easier to recognize, appreciate, and enjoy all the things around you.  That’s how these stones make the world feel to you.

About The Enhanced Energies Of These Stones - There Is A Big Difference

The high quality of these stones is the first thing that tells you it has enhanced energies.  This is a lot of beautiful (but light) rose quartz along with really good multi-colored morganite which is highly sought after.

But anyone can sell you some stones.  What I do is hand-select them, from a pile of many others, to bring you the ones with the most energy and beauty.  

Sometimes only one out of 10 stones makes it through this selection process.  You are getting the very best ones.

Then I energy bless them using the same method I do for mass blessings where people have even reported spontaneous healings.  I go to spirit for you and ask that your bracelet does more than just hold energies. I ask that it transmit energies to you from spirit, like it is a portal.

Finally, I provide activation and meditation instructions that help reprogram your energies to better receive the energies of spirit through these stones.  

Many people have reported life-changing events from following these instructions.  It doesn’t affect just one thing but puts you on a new path to transform, heal, and reach new levels of spiritual advancement 

Guaranteed Results

I’ve always guaranteed that if you get one of my pieces, and follow the instructions, you will get results, and if it doesn’t start working within 30 days, you can return it for a refund. *

A Special Blessing For You When You Get This

The blessing I did for you when wearing this is as follows. I asked spirit: 

  • to open your eyes to all the good things around you, 

  • to open your heart to the love of all life and all beauty that has been placed in your path,

  • to heal all your past hurts and protect you from them in the future,

  • to allow you the space to transform, grow, and become a beacon of loving light in our world and,

  • to give you peace and freedom from worries so you can enjoy all these things.


If you wear it, and practice the meditations included, you will see these things begin to manifest in your life.

I hope you will give it a try.  It is risk free, guaranteed, and beautiful  The things this bracelet brings you are priceless, but there are limited numbers. If you resonate with this, I suggest you get it while we still have them.

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Energy Artist Julia


Don’t Wait! I wasn't able to find that many stones with the right energies for this piece. 

Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 120-day exchange guarantee.*


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