The Love, Light & Harmony Bracelet - Brings you a deep sense of peace. Beautiful strawberry quartz “love stone” nuggets with an illuminating sun bead.

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I never slept so deeply, or felt such healing harmony, as when I wore this strawberry quartz and sun emblem bracelet I had magically energized by channeling the Crestone vortex.

Introducing “ The Love, Light  & Harmony Bracelet.”

Features hand-selected love and harmony stones - beautiful strawberry quartz nuggets, hematite and a Picasso style bead with a sun emblem.

"When I wore this bracelet, I suddenly found it easy to invite positive thoughts into why life without forcing it to happen and without the requirement that I maintain a lot of mental discipline." ~ Energy Artist Julia
I believe this design came from spirit now to help bring harmony to your life in a time of disunity. 
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Dear Friends,

One of the things I’ve really recognized lately, after moving to Crestone, is that the more love and light you let into your life, and the more you simply don’t allow other negatives to cloud your mind, the more harmony you feel, the more healing you receive, and the happier you are.

I knew all these things in theory of course.  But actually practicing something is always far harder than just thinking about it.  

Previously I had found it a difficult chore to “stay the course” and keep negativity out - until I discovered the harmonious energies of the Crestone vortexes and channelled them into this bracelet

They added so much more to the piece which was already pretty strong, filled with the love and light energies of really exceptional strawberry quartz nuggets, along with a warming sun emblem carved into a piece of Picasso-style art glass.

I suddenly found it easy to invite harmony and healing into why life, without forcing it to happen and without the requirement that I maintain a lot of mental discipline. 

It just kind of naturally happens.  All you have to do is wear it, follow the enclosed instructions, and feel the vortex energies surround you in divine love.

It is that simple 

The Benefits Are Amazing

I just had some friends come and experience the energies of harmony and love that surround this area and that are found in this bracelet.

They say they slept like they hadn’t in years, awakening after nights of peaceful dreams, feeling rested and refreshed.  They believed that on some deep level, things they didn’t even know were hurting were healed.

Guaranteed You’ll Feel Deeper Harmony

 I know that anyone can say “This promotes love and light, peace, harmony and healing.” They do it all the time.  But as far as I know, I’m the only one to guarantee it will, or you can return it within 30 days for a refund.  

Why Spirit Sent You This Now

When you think about it, we now live in a world of deep disharmony and disunity.  

You may find yourself reminiscing about times that were saner, friendlier, and more loving.

But you can’t go back in time.

As a result,  I believe spirit guided me to release this now, at this time, to help bring you back into a harmonious healing state which will of course spread to others and rebalance our world.

I look forward to sending you this and bringing quite a bit more harmony to your life.


Energy Artist Julia 


Don’t Wait! I wasn't able to find that many stones with the right energies for this piece. 

Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 120-day exchange guarantee.*


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    great bracelet

    Posted by Shirley L. on Oct 4th 2023

    Ever since i start wearing this strawberry quartz bracelet, everything is going well. The dating with me and my new boyfriend is joyful. All products by Julia are far, i have bought 3 necklaces, 7-8 bracelets, and 4 rings from her. She is such a wonderful person and talented lady!!