The Magic Butterfly Energy Pendant

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Focus on this metaphysical energy image and tap into an interdimensional awakening that can release your fears, worries and concerns …so your heart can fly free.

NOTE: WE ARE ONLY OFFERING 12 OF THESE PENDANTS. If you want one, please don't wait.

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Traveling from another world, this spirit appeared to me as a beautiful luminous butterfly being. She told me to paint her image so she could lift your heavy thoughts, lighten your rainy day, fill your spirit with joy and light.

And she gave me this simple but profound message for you … that for this moment, you are to put aside your worries, give yourself a short break, and in doing so you will see things anew. You will find relief from worry as you embrace a different perspective.

For just a little while, give your spirit permission to fly free in the beautiful light!

Available Energy Pendants 

This wearable art pendant is hand made with loving care in our studio in Eagle, Colorado, energy enhanced and personally blessed by Energy Artist Julia. Created using fired resinated glass on stainless with a sterling silver bale. Price is for the pendant only. Chains are sold separately.

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From The Magic Butterfly Series 

This is one of my energy images from the “Magic Butterfly” series -- which helps you focus the most powerful energies our world knows for bringing change to your life. If you want and need to grow, if you desire change, these Magic Butterflies infuse your being with the metaphysical beautiful energies that make it easy.

Perhaps more than any other life form, butterflies are the embodiment of spiritual growth and transcendence because of their amazing transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

Focusing on the energy of the butterfly allows you to undergo amazing spiritual growth with ease. Focus on the Magic Butterfly now and become the change you want to be. 

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We Guarantee You Will Feel Less Worry 

We guarantee that you will feel the energies from this piece help alleviate your worried feelings. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.* 



Once again, we made only 12 available as a test market. Recently people have missed out on short term items such as these because they did not get them when available. Don't wait! 

Why Only 12 Pendants & Prints Available?

For economic reasons we can no longer make and store a lot of new items before we know if people will order them. So we decided to make only a small number for initial release. Then, if we get a lot of requests for more, we make some more. We're sorry if you missed out on ordering something. You can always email us to request that we bring back an item. 



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