The Mystic’s Stone Bracelet - Over 200 carats of energy-infused amethyst to open your crown chakra, connecting you to infinite wisdom, insight and healing energy.

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This generous amount of energy enhanced amethyst  opens you to divine energies almost beyond words, like the mystics of old.
Over 200 carats of sacred amethyst activates your crown chakra, connecting you to infinite wisdom, insight and healing energy. Includes instructions for unlocking its powers. Energy infused and blessed by Julia. 
Wearing energy enhanced amethyst like this feels very different and far more powerful than other amethyst you may have worn. ~Energy Artist Julia
Hurry, the price of these stones has gone way up recently but I am charging the old price until they sell out.
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Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. Limited quantities so hurry.  Includes amethyst slab and AAA amethyst beads. Items were photographed in direct sunlight.

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Dear Friends,
Have you ever had a mystical experience where you felt like you suddenly have a divine connection to the universe? 
Maybe in a moment of joy you felt angels or divine beings surround you? 
Or you felt yourself emotionally touching something that is altogether wonderful but almost defies explanation in words?
More than likely, in that moment your crown chakra, also known as your bliss chakra was open.
Bring Bliss To Your Life Whenever You Want
Considering how life-changing a mystical experience can be, you probably want to experience this moment again, and again. But how do you do that?
You could wait around and hope you will experience that amazing moment once more. It may come. But it may never come if you just wait for it.
Or, you can be proactive and do a few things that will make it happen now.
I created this amethyst slab bracelet, and accompanying instructions, which are designed to help you enter that state more often, and eventually whenever you want.
Personally Blessed And Energy Infused For You
It contains over 200 carats of amethyst which I have personally infused with energies, asking spirit to help lead you to that blissful state when your crown chakra is open and you have connected to all the universe in a single instant.
And it is guaranteed to help you...
I guarantee that if you wear this and follow the instructions each day for two weeks, you will find it easier to enter a blissful, happy state. If it doesn’t work for you return it within 30 days for a refund.
Limited Quantities
I’ve been holding these amethyst stones for two years, waiting for the right time to release them. Since then the prices have gone way up. But I’m charging the old price while I have these. 
I don’t know if I will get these again and if I do they will cost more. So hurry and take advantage of them while you can.
A Personal Story
I know someone who has spent a lifetime pursuing these mystical experiences that I hope will be enabled in you through this bracelet. And over time, he has been able to live within those moments more and more.
I’ve seen the great, awe-inspiring shamanic gifts he has as a result. 
He can reach out, and touch things and people he loves, knowing how they are without even speaking with them. 
He can counsel others on a better life path and is known to be a powerful psychic and healer. 
He reaches into the wordless world of energies, that are beyond explanation, and pulls back gifts for us and for him when needed. He calls it “letting go into the great mystery.”
I feel that if you start on this path, with this bracelet and meditation, you too will begin to grow great abilities of your own, making your world and the world for all those around you much better. 
And while your abilities will be different than his, still they will be altogether wonderful.
Energy Artist Julia
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Don't Wait
You know that there is a beautiful world of energy and light waiting for you, and
Energy infused amethyst like this is a key to helping you reach it, so
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