The Pink Lotus Energy Pendant

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The Pink Lotus. One Of Humankind's Most Powerful Energies For Transformation, Enlightenment And Purification

This chakra balanced, energy enhanced wearable art jewelry by Energy Artist Julia is now available.

Made with fired resinated glass on stainless. Size 1 x 1.75 inches.

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Are your heart, mind and soul truly open to transformation, transcendence and enlightenment?

Most of us are closed off in some way. But the energy of the pink lotus, channeled through this powerful metaphysical image by Julia Watkins will help you become open to spiritual growth, receiving positive energies from everything around you.

In Buddhism, Hinduism and many other religious philosophies, the pink lotus is a powerful symbol of transcendence -- of the enlightened spirit rising above murky waters and emerging to the world bright, clean, pure and beautiful.

Many understand that creating an energetic connection to the pink lotus will open your heart to these infinite possibilities.

Energy Artist Julia has created an easy-to-access connection for you through her new Pink Lotus Energy Jewelry.

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How It Was Created 

While creating this metaphysical image, Julia focused on charging it with energy that will open your heart fully to the positive energies of the world and the heavens. She visualized your soul rising from murky confusion and seeing the world as it truly is, bursting with beauty and love that overcomes all other emotions. She channeled the universe to bring to you these transforming energies.

The Experience 

Those who wear this jewelry tell us they immediately feel a sense of lightness within. You can experience the same thing just by focusing on this image. Try it right now!

Why It Works 

The reason this works so well is that the unfolding lotus represents the awakening of Buddha's soul to reach enlightenment. Of all the colors a lotus may take, the pink lotus is considered supreme.

Embracing this pink lotus energy clears your mind, dispels negative energies and allows your soul to bloom as it should.

This is the purpose for which you were born into this world, so let it happen now!

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 Experience Transformation Right Here From Just One Thought 

Focus now on the pink lotus energy. Imagine it lifting you up above confusion, negative thoughts and feelings. Feel your heart open, like a lotus blossom to the infinite love and beauty that purifies your soul and shows you the world anew.

Hold the image of the pink lotus in your mind throughout your day and experience the world as you never have before.

Don't Wait Until It Is Too Late! 

The thing about our existence here is that we never know when we will leave. That's why time is critical. If you wait, you may have to be reborn and go through all the struggles and pain again just to get to this same point in your life ... this same opportunity.

Focus on this pink lotus energy image now, while you still can and let the purity found deep in your heart bloom and take you to a blissful existence.

Julia's pink lotus channeled energy jewelry and painting create a constant connection to the energy of the pink lotus. No matter what happens throughout your day, it continually clears away negativity so you can remain in a better mental and spiritual state. 

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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.





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    bright & beautiful

    Posted by Bellastar on Jul 29th 2018

    Another simply beautiful pendant, gorgeous colours, excellent quality, well packaged