The Psychic Intuition Amplifier Bracelet - Rare authentic black amethyst, wampum beads and moonstone help you know things you should have no way of knowing.

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My intuition spiked when I put this on. Suddenly I knew things there was no way I should know. And I could make amazingly beneficial decisions. 
Introducing The Psychic Intuition Amplifier Bracelet. Features very rare black amethyst, the most powerful psychic intuition stone known. These are the only authentic black amethyst beads we know of that are available in the US today.  
Also includes high grade Wampum spiritual truth beads and moonstone intuition beads.
Energy blessed by Julia to tune, heightens and purify your intuitive powers. Includes important activation instructions.
I won't make any major decision without first putting this on. ~ Energy Artist Julia
Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.
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*Note: All stones are photographed in direct sunlight to bring out their colors.  As natural stones, they can vary in color by 30%. 


Dear Friends,
I made this bracelet without thought, asking spirit to guide my hands to create something you and I need most right now.
And after I created it, I received a strong impression. I saw in my mind’s eye spirit’s angel, telling me what was truth and what was not, what to believe, and what to question, what path to follow and which way was danger, who to trust, and who to be wary of.
But it didn’t just work on the physical plane. It worked in the spiritual world where the message I received seemed clearer, stronger, purer, and more divine. It heightened my ability to discern my “junk” and external influences from the true message and word.
And it suddenly dawned on me who this divine messenger was. It was the angel of intuition.
This bracelet tunes, sharpens and amplifies your divine intuition. Keep in mind that there are times in your life when you just know when something is wrong or right. Making decisions during those times is pretty easy.  
But here are many more times when you just aren’t sure, or the feeling is muddled. This bracelet helps you see through those things and trust your intuition.
How It Works
After I experienced this, I wanted to know why it works. So I set my husband Spencer loose to research it, as I often do. This is what he found regarding this bracelet, and why it works the way it does.
Wampum Spiritual Truth Beads. The purple shell beads in the bracelet were believed in Eastern US native cultures to lay down sacred truth that couldn’t be broken or denied. It served both in an official purpose, like treaties, but also had a spiritual aspect, like a binding. Those around wampum hear, see, speak and know the truth.
The beads I got were by far the prettiest, most colorful and stunning wampum I have ever seen. And consequently I paid quite a bit more to get them. But it seemed right, like the highest quality was needed for this bracelet.
Moonstone Intuition Beads. This stone helps you connect to the cycles of the moon, the ocean tides, and the deep psychic knowing within. You sense the true nature of something by feeling its energies and knowing it as if it was actually you.  
Black Amethyst. This is an extremely rare and powerful psychic intuition stone, and the only authentic black amethyst I was able to find anywhere in Asia or the west. It is highly coveted by spiritual practitioners for its amazing powers. 
It opens the third eye chakra like all amethyst, but gives you a much higher degree of control when you do, so you can direct your focus and intuition wherever you want. Instead of seeing what spiritually comes to you, you can go out and look for answers you want, on almost any subject or decision.
My impression, when I touch it, is that while amethyst opens the chakra some, black amethyst swings the door wide open and I have a feeling of “stepping in” rather than seeing things from a distance …. like a virtual world, but a real one, the true one.
The ancient Greek word for amethyst meant “without drunkenness.” But this didn’t relate to alcohol. It meant that in its presences, you could see things clearly, as they truly are, without deception or self deception. And it still works to this day.
Energy Blessed. Guaranteed. Instructions Included
I energy bless this bracelet to bring you clear, purposeful, intuitive messages. I include instructions and a special mantra/prayer so you can unlock its powers. And I even guarantee that it will work for you. 
If it doesn’t, return it with 30 days of purchase for a refund.
Very Limited Quantities
I could only make 36 of these, and I’ve exhausted my sources to get any more of the black amethyst.  
I even sent our rep to the huge gemstone markets in India and he couldn’t find any. black amethyst. Now we’re sampling raw slabs of it, in the hope of finding more. But so far we haven’t found much.
When these are gone, they are gone.
Don’t Wait And Lose Out
Life is full of one-time chances. This is one of those things you don’t want to wait on, and lose out on forever. For me, I still think about the times I was hesitant, didn’t follow my instincts, then only later realize what a huge opportunity I missed.
I’ll hope you will follow your heart and be one of the lucky ones to get this very powerful and beneficial intuition bracelet.
Energy Artist Julia

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* Note: These items were created for healing and protection of the spirit only. They are not a substitute for medical treatment or the advice of medical, financial, legal or other professionals, or for physical protection. Our obligation under the guarantee is limited to the price you paid us directly for the item and you agree to the same when you purchase them.
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    The psychic intuition amplifier bracelet

    Posted by Enovis Gonzalez on Feb 15th 2024

    Gorgeous piece of jewelry ! High quality, very well crafted and nicely packaged. Fast shipping. Thank you.

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    Posted by Travis on Jul 21st 2023

    So beautiful and the energy fills me with happiness!!!! ??

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    Beautiful with tranquil energy

    Posted by Wayne on Jul 15th 2023

    This is my third bracelet purchased. Julia always selects the perfect stones for each bracelet. I easily connect with my guides and feel a grounded. tranquil energy.