The Super 7 “Psychic Power Amplifier” Bracelet With Sunstone. Awakens and amplifies psychic abilities you didn’t even know you had.

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Put this on and discover psychic and energetic abilities you never knew you had, then feel them grow stronger by the day. 

The Super 7 “Psychic Power Amplifier” Bracelet.  Hand-picked and energized psychic stones make it easier and faster to gain significant spiritual abilities.

Comes in a sacred geometric cube cut that is very difficult to find.  The only bracelet that combines the power of super 7 with the enlightening energies of sunstone.

Famous for awakening in you clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, prophesy, channeling, energy healing, the power to manifest wealth and abundance, and the ability to communicate with both spirit guides and higher beings.  

Energy blessed, cleared, channeled and activated in our sacred space studios, Gypsum, Colorado USA.

These are made-to-order with your energies in mind.  Please allow up to 7 business days for us to make and ship them.

Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and an 120 day exchange guarantee.

Limited Quantities. These will run out.

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Dear Friends,

I got a powerful spiritual charge when I reached to touch these stones, before I even made contact with them.  “What is this?”  I said.  And my assistant answered “Super 7.” It is from the Espirito Santo (meaning Holy Spirit) region of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

And when I touched it, I saw worlds and galaxies within and felt myself connect to the universe on many levels.  All of my chakras were tingling and in that instant, I knew things I had no way of knowing, 

And from that moment forward, my abilities to do readings and healings, to sense my possible futures, and to create in the light of the divine was greatly enhanced. I now wear this super 7 bracelet almost every day.

And many other people who have received the early version of this bracelet have experienced similar things. 

How  It Works

Super 7 is an ultimately powerful psychic’s stone.  

It can awaken in you many abilities including clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, prophesy, channeling, energy healing, the power to manifest wealth and abundance, and the ability to communicate with both spirit guides and higher beings.  

It contains 7 powerful psychic stones combined into one single stone, including:

Amethyst - a soothing stone that improves your connection to celestial energies, knowledge, and wisdom.  

Helps you see through the deception of others and self-deception.  Helps you separate what you are expecting to see from what is truly there, so your second sight is clear, pure, and accurate. 

Clear Quartz -  increases your mental clarity and the focus of psychic energies both around you and by you.  Cleanses all the other stones making this bracelet self-clearing.

Smokey Quartz  - sheds any negative feelings and energies in your area, purifying you so you can engage in psychic practices free of negative influences or expectations that can warp your perceptions.  

Being “clear” is necessary for things to work correctly.

Cacoxenite (stone of ascension) - raises your spiritual vibration and connects you to all the energies, knowledge, and insights of the universe. It helps you know things when there is no logical reason for you to know them.

Rutile (intention and affirmation amplifier) - helps you manifest the things you desire in life.  It also amplifies your intuitive “knowing” powers and is said to assist in recovery.  

Goethite - amplifies your healing powers by strengthening your energetic connection to the earth.  

It is important for psychic and energy practices because it grounds you, making the powers you have much easier to control and keeping you from getting lost.  No matter what you do and where you go you always come back to you

Lepidocrosite - helps stabilize you so what you see or experience makes sense. Keeps you in control where otherwise energetic or psychic things you do would be confusing.  Connects you to the ultimate power, divine love.

49X The Energy Of Single Stones

When you combine 7 stones together like this,  and I channel energies to activate and align them for you specifically, it isn’t like you get 7 x the spiritual energy.  They multiply each other, so the energies are 7 x 7 which equals 49 times the energies.

It is super boosted with you in mind. It isn’t like you can go out and just buy some super 7 that hasn’t been channeled and get the same results.  These stones are special and far more powerful.

Very Important To Also Have Sunstone With This

I paired super 7 with sunstone because it helps fill you with joy and abundance when you engage in psychic, manifestation, abundance or energetic practices.  It keeps it all positive which is a strong protector against negative or bad energies seeping in.  

It also always points you in the right direction so you can avoid dead ends and delays.  It makes things work faster, with less effort by you.

Will It Work For You?  It Is Guaranteed From The First Time You Touch It!

The first thing to realize is that everyone has untapped psychic and energetic abilities.  It isn’t a question of are you psychic.  It is a question of how to connect and amplify those abilities you’ve always had.  

Super 7 is the answer, especially when you have hand-picked stones that have been cleared and energized like these. You will notice something the first time you touch them.

So I guarantee that when you wear this and follow the included instructions for two weeks, you will begin to experience greater psychic powers.  It may not at first be all of those powers described. But you will begin to experience one or more of them. And they will grow stronger with time and practice.

If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.

Limited Quantities. Hurry So You Don’t Miss Out

Previously I got some super 7 in this sacred geometric cube cut, and sold them right away without even writing about them.  Then I searched for this cut for 6 months, and finally have enough to do a small run of bracelets.  I felt the cube gave it more power. 

I can’t get more without having them specially cut in India where there can be huge delays.  So they will run out.  If you resonate with them, please get them now while you can.

One Final Note

These are not only spiritually powerful. They are also really beautiful.  They really attract you and when you stare deep into them and let your mind float,  you see fantastic things you won’t believe like you are looking up at the clouds and seeing images. 

I pray you will have the good fortune of experiencing the wonder of these stones and all they can do for you.


Energy Artist Julia


Don’t Wait For Your Second Awakening

You know that these energy-blessed stones are powerful, and

You know that they can awaken in you fantastic abilities, and

You know that there aren’t a lot of them available, so

Hurry,. Click ADD TO CART and get yours before they are all gone.


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    Super 7 psychic bracelet

    Posted by Lena Stefanski on Nov 30th 2022

    I love my bracelet. Very well made and very much worth the price. The enegy artist is the best and true to heart site to get your jewelry and art to enhance your spiritual journey

  • 5
    The Super 7 "Psychic Power Amplifier" Bracelet

    Posted by Yvonne on Nov 15th 2022

    With these bracelets I feel heightening connections with beautiful, loving energy. They are delightful. They feel so wonderful, I purchased two of them.

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    Beautiful and Powerful

    Posted by Tiffany White on Oct 29th 2022

    I love the way this bracelet looks and feels when I wear it! I am also finding that I want to wear it all the time and that if I take if off it is only for a brief time. I am grateful for this exquisite bracelet!