The Resurrection Stone - Brand New Life Gold Lotus Bracelet. Wake up to the happiest day you have had in years. Early Release.

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This resurrection stone is said to give you a new and exciting lease on life. Welcome to the best days of your life.

Featuring: The Resurrection Stone - Brand New Life Bracelet 

Includes powerful gold lotus carving and blue impression jasper for enhancing major positive changes to your life. Also includes aquamarine for removing psychological obstacles that may be holding you back, and hematite for grounding and protecting you.

 Early Release. Get it now before it sells out in the upcoming holiday rush. 

Only 10 or less available per size. 

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I’m  releasing this bracelet early, with a photo just from my phone, because I don’t think I’ll be able to get it professionally photographed any time soon

I also felt its ability to really improve your life is important, and got a message from spirit that it is  needed now, so I didn’t want to wait.

I thought “why make someone wait even one more day to have a better life and eliminate emotional pain.” So released it as soon as I could.

Plus, I know the holiday rush will start in a couple of weeks. so I wanted to give you a chance to get one (or more) before they sell out.

If you think it looks beautiful in this photo from my cell phone, just wait until you see it in person.  It is gorgeous. 

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About This Resurrection Bracelet That Gives You A New Life

This bracelet features a gold lotus carving and blue impression jasper, an energized symbol of resurrection, enlightenment, purity and illumination.

The spiritual benefits of wearing the gold lotus are obvious. But it also helps you in your everyday life.

Like the gold lotus rising above the murky waters of confusion towards enlightenment, it assists in you rising above whatever is holding you down, or whatever traumas you have had, to have a new and better life.

It in effect helps you resurrect your life into something that is far more desirable than what you had. You feel like a new person. Wear it and feel like you have a bright and bold, big and beautiful new chance in life.

It is supported by aquamarine which helps you let go of anything in the past that is holding you back, soothing and healing past traumas, removing blockages.

It also has hematite which is a grounding, healing and protective stone, because when you take on a new life, you want to do things right, and avoid mistakes of the past.

Despite being an early release, it will still come with a descriptive card, meditation, activation instructions and gift box.

Like all of my items, it is energy blessed by me where I ask spirit to bless you every time you wear it.



Energy Artist Julia


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Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.*

Don’t Wait! I wasn't able to find that many stones with the right energies for this piece. 


Additional Details


  1. Energy Blessed - before I send your bracelet to you, I go to spirit and ask that your piece be infused with energies that help you connect to divine beings and energies to receive their guidance, wisdom, transformation, enlightenment and healing.

  2. Instructions Included - I send your bracelet in a gorgeous gift box with instructions for activating its energies as well as prayers or mantras you can say which make it far more powerful.

  3. Great Value. Because we buy stones in bulk, often directly from lapidaries, this is way less expensive than you would pay for similar quality. Our stones are all hand-selected from much larger piles to get you the very best, most energetic and most beautiful ones

  4. Guaranteed Results. I guarantee that if you get this and follow the instructions every day, within two weeks you will begin to feel the benefits. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.

  5. Limited Release. Be sure to get it now. We usually only make something once. So this is your only chance.  I hope you get it and experience these amazing energies.



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*Note: These items DO NOT replace the need for medical treatment or counseling, financial advice or physical protection if you are your family are in a dangerous situation. Our obligation under this warranty and guaranty is limited only to the price paid directly to us for the item, and in purchasing you agree to release us from all other obligations.


Product Reviews

  • 5
    Beautiful Resurrection Stone bracelet

    Posted by Sarah Andersen on Mar 25th 2024

    The blue impression jasper stones in this bracelet resemble our beautiful planet Earth. The different shades of blues-browns-greens 'shift' in different light settings. The sky blue of the aquamarine stones picks up the light blue inside the gold Lotus carving, for a really cohesive look. In short, it is an organically gorgeous piece. I am grateful to have one in my life, and I am considering buying another one to gift to someone special.

  • 5
    The Resurrection Stone

    Posted by Michele B on Jan 21st 2024

    Since receiving this bracelet, I have worn it every day as one of my primary go-to's. This is one piece that I feel totally connected to on an energetic level.

  • 5
    I woke up happy.

    Posted by Janet Shapiro on Nov 30th 2023

    I had one of my very best days wearing this bracelet. It is always a good day when I wear something from . Julia.