The “Rich And In Control” Empowerment Ring." Hand-selected power citrine and garnet set in solid silver.

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In times of uncertainty, these empowering stones put you in control of your world, and make a huge difference in your life. 

Introducing The “Rich And In Control” Empowerment Ring”

Empowering citrine and garnet set in solid silver.

"When you wear this, you feel like a queen - rich and in control of your future.  - Energy Artist Julia

So many people have been telling me they feel worried or hopeless in the face of an uncertain future.

This ring just has that feel, like when you wear it you assume power over what may come to pass.

I even guarantee that if you wear it and follow the activation instructions, you will feel more in control. If you don’t, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

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A note from Energy Artist Julia about your ring.

Dear Friends, 

These days it seems like we have control of nothing as the decisions of others affect every aspect of our lives.  This feeling of helplessness or loss of control is not only stressful, but it is unhealthy. 

And it seems to be getting worse.

So it was really a relief when I put on this citrine and garnet ring, which made me feel like a queen - in control of my destiny and future.  

When you wear it, you seem to see ways for you to regain hope that the future will be better than ever before.

How It Works To Put You In Control

The center stone of this ring is citrine which is known to enhance self-confidence, stimulate the intellect, and motivate you while attracting prosperity, wealth, and success.

The two outside red stones are garnet which ground you,  increase your confidence, power, passion, and love while nurturing and regenerating you.

Together they put you back in control of yourself, your finances, and your world. They fill you with positive energies that make it easier for you to direct your life where you want it to go.

Why That Matters To Your Life

With so much negativity happening around us, we sometimes just give up and let things happen, no longer planning or believing in our life plan. 

Some people get caught in this rut for years, just getting by, and not progressing.  It is easy for it to happen.

When you use the powers of this ring, and the included meditative instructions to put your life back on track, to set your way forward, you feel empowered, optimistic, and happier.

And happy is healthy.  Having a sense of purpose is motivating.  It puts your life back in your control, and you look forward once again to each new day.

That’s why it matters.

Guaranteed You’ll Feel Better

I guarantee that if you wear this, and follow the included instructions, you will feel more motivated, positive and in control of your future.  If you don’t, return it within 30 days for a refund. 

Hand-Selected Stones Make A Big Difference

My stones are hand-selected for their beauty, quality and energy from many others.  I pay a premium to get you only the best stones from the lapidaries.

Not only are they the best quality, but they bring you energies like no other, especially after I personally bless them to bring you confidence, wealth and control.

I look forward to hearing your stories about how this helps you.


Energy Artist Julia

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Product Reviews

  • 5
    Beautiful, Stunning and Rich Looking

    Posted by Mary on Mar 19th 2024

    I bought this for my Mother. She has been on a manifestation journey. The stones are super high quality. They are way better than what you see in the jewelry stores. They are blessed and you feel that for sure. The stones are so natural, yet shine and wearing it makes my Mom feel "like a BOSS". She has also noticed folks tend to be "nice" to her when she wears this. For example someone paid for her breakfast one day while wearing. She has also picked out a $40 winning lotto ticket wearing this. So we both love it!

  • 5
    Beautiful ring

    Posted by Julia on Dec 6th 2023

    The stones are very bright and a nice size. Fit is great