The Singing Angel Tree - Healing Energy Pendant

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“Come sleep in the warm embrace of angels' voices.“

The singing angel tree sits high on a lush green hill, a voice calling out to the weary traveler, the sanctuary one finally finds when all seems lost. Its angelic chords provide comfort, answers, blessings and new found direction. If you look closely you will see how the branches form the patterns of beautiful wings.

We have taken this extraordinary painting by Energy Artist Julia and made it into beautiful jewelry for you. Pendant Size: 1.75 x 1.75 inches. Hand made with loving care. Chakra balanced and energy enhanced by the artist. Fired resinated glass on stainless. Argentium silver bale. Pendant only. Item is not sold with a chain.

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From The Artist

This image came to me from a vision where a beautiful tree called to me with the voices of angels. I was one of many who came to sleep beneath its branches/wings and be filled with warm soothing angelic energy. It comforted me when I was most troubled, told me I had a divine purpose, healed my soul and sent me back out into the world with new found confidence and clarity. I believe we may all have this experience in our dreams, when we hit a low point, but just don't remember when we wake up.

How To Use It

Focus on this image, especially before bed, noting each individual piece and also the image as a whole. If you close your eyes and see little traces of golden light, the image and energy has made its impression. Try to see it in your mind right before you go to sleep and as you fade off let yourself descend into its warm embrace. Some say they dream of energy patterns while others say they actually hear angel's voices in their sleep. Those advanced in meditation can do this while awake.

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The Enchanted Forest

The singing angel tree is found within the enchanted forest, a common theme in the new work of energy artist Julia Watkins. The enchanted forest is a place we visit in our dreams and legends, a real world created from our collective subconscious where mysteries are unraveled and blessings are received. It is born of our hopes and desires, a physical manifestation of that deep well of creativity from which each of us may draw in limitless abundance. It is the form in which often that magical pool of metaphysical energy chooses to reveal itself to us. Let your mind float out into the forest and discover the truths that once eluded you.

The Tree Of Life

This image is from the new Tree Of Life series by world renowned metaphysical artist Julia Watkins. The Tree Of Life is an ancient mystical concept alluding to the interconnectedness of all life on our planet and a cosmic link to the celestial heavens through metaphysical energies. Mystics have for millenia looked to this tree as both a map of creation and a link to higher thought. Artist Julia Watkins creates stunning paintings which reflect and emit these energies to all those who find themselves in their presence.

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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.