The Unakite Miracle Recovery Bracelet - Energy enhanced to emit the healing powers of renewal, regeneration and regrowth.

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Wear the stones of regeneration and recovery preferred by professional energy healers.
The Unakite Miracle Recovery Bracelet. 
Energy enhanced to emit the powers of renewal, regeneration and regrowth. Great for recovery from trauma, illness, injury or even workouts.

This is what I wear to recover from any injury, cold, trauma or even from a tough yoga workout. ~ Energy Artist Julia

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*This bracelet fits wrists in the medium range (medium/small, medium, medium/large - 6" to 6.75" wrists). For smaller wrists than this it will be slightly loose while for large wrists it will be tighter.  


Dear Friends,
They say that positive thoughts and especially energies can help with recovery from trauma, illness, injury and even workouts. 
But what does that mean and how do you do it?
There is meditation, healing ceremonies, energy healing and much more out there. But the stone that professional energy healers rely on more than any other is unakite.
How It Works
Unakite is a miraculous dual healing crystal, providing healing energies to both heart and mind. 
It is a stone of renewal, nurture and regrowth focusing energies of regeneration and recovery after you experience something that has been debilitating or painful.
It also helps bounce back emotionally from loss or disappointment. This is helpful in many areas of your life, including things such as competition or career where you have to quickly overcome setbacks so you can continue moving forward. 
It is no wonder professional energy healer wear it themselves and use it to heal their clients.
It is what I myself wear after medical procedures.
Energy Enhanced - Makes A Huge Difference
I throw my heart into activating, clearing and blessing these bracelets, channeling immense energies from spirit to make them really work for you.
Those who sense energies will tell you they feel much different and more powerful than any other unakite you will find. 
It relies on the same energies I use in mass blessings where people have reported miraculous spontaneous healings.
I guarantee when you get this bracelet, wear it and follow the included instructions, you will have a quicker recovery than without it. If it doesn’t work for you return it within 30 days for a refund.* 
This is intended to be used in addition to medical care, and not as a replacement for it. Always consult your doctor.
Time To Recover And Heal
We all have things we are recovering from. Some seem to take a lifetime. What this unakite bracelet does is help that recovery occurs more quickly and more easily.
I pray for your quick recovery.
Energy Artist Julia
P.S. Last fall I fell down the stairs, dislocating my finger which I put back into place myself. I wore this afterward and had a complete recovery with no lasting damage.
What's The Hold-Up?
You have a way to improve healing and recovery,
And you get to try it risk-free, so
Act now, before it is too late,
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