Unicorn Magic Energy Pendant - From the Magic Chi collection

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This unicorn has already visited you in your dreams, although you may not remember it - breaking a negative spell and bringing joyous magic back into your life.
Hand made in our new age studios in Gypsum Colorado. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. This is a very high quality piece made with fired resinated glass and ground prisms on cast, polished jewelry grade stainless.  This is part of Julia's "Magic Chi" collection based on design elements of sacred temples she visited in Asia. 


About: He comes to you in your dreams, a being so different, but still so familiar … bringing a light and joy your ancient soul recognizes as something we had lost, but now have found. And you realize that others have seen this as well. In fact, all creatures, through thought, energy and feeling are somehow rejoined following this appearance. Spiritually an astounding shift has taken place. And we are now all of one voice, one thought, one intention. From this day forward, life will be good.


There was a bygone time you can still sense — when all were one, when we lived warmly wrapped in peace, harmony and love, when anything was possible and could be obtained with just a thought. Your magical past is deeply rooted in the collective subconscious. But now, with the return of the unicorn to our dreams, this magic has taken form in our world, and none of us will ever be the same.

Stare into this energy channeled image right now, look into his knowing eye, and remember this magic so it can take root in the present. Then walk out into a new world of beauty. Things are going to be much different. Things are going to be easier.

Can you feel this magic? This is just a small taste of how you could feel if you had this image with you all of the time. 

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Recently this unicorn burst through my dreams, I think from another dimension, telling me that something significant had just happened and bringing to me an overpowering sense of oneness with all living creatures. I felt compelled to channel this energy and paint it. When I was done I looked upon a strange, but also comforting and familiar friend I had not seen in many lives. “Welcome to our world” I thought. “We really need you.” I realized that our minds had somehow drifted toward hopelessness, like a bad spell had been cast without our knowing, but now with the appearance o the unicorn the spell was broken.

I showed the unicorn to others, and many said that when they really focused on it they realized they had either seen or sensed the unicorn in their dreams as well. We came to understand that the unicorn has come back to help us reconnect to one another, to all creatures, to earth and the heavens so we can live in peace. Things are not going to be nearly as difficult going forward. 

I do not believe in coincidences. If you are seeing this, the unicorn has also visited your dreams. You just need to remember. Try looking into this image often, and these visions will return to you, making your life much easier in the future.

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Julia guarantees that if you get a Unicorn Magic print or jewelry item, and focus upon him, you will find that your sense of oneness and magic will be greatly enhanced. If this doesn’t work for you, if you don’t feel more magic in your presence, return it within 30 days for a refund.* 

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