Wild Stallions Print - Strength. Virility. Freedom.

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Throughout human history, wild stallions have represented strength, virility and freedom. To capture or connect with the great stallion bestows wealth and prosperity on the individual, raising one above a mundane life, elevating you to the virtues this animal possesses.


Energy artist Julia Watkins created this dramatic energy painting of two wild stallions fighting for mares in the badlands of North Dakota to help you connect to the wild and free spirit that lives within us all. While to many this spirit symbolizes the American West, this energy has been an important part of cultures throughout the world.


We are offering a museum grade giclee print created from the original painting. This is a top quality print where you can see individual brush strokes. It will hold its color for over 100 years and is hand signed by the artist !

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Connecting To The Energy

 While many of Ms. Watkins paintings require meditation to connect to the energy, the drama and movement of this image seems to reach out to the viewer. It goes well in den, office or even the bedroom.

 About This Art Style

 The swirls in this image represents the spiritual energy that exists all around us. Pioneered by artist Julia Watkins, this art style, known as energism seeks to use art to help humanity connect to universal energy flow promoting both healing and higher consciousness.


Ms. Watkins artwork is currently in the collections of such notables as Deepak Chopra and Carnegie Mellon University.


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