Spirit's Predictions For 2022 - What spirt says you should know.

Spirit's Predictions For 2022 - What spirt says you should know.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Mar 21st 2022

Here is what spirit said to tell you about 2022 and how you can thrive in the coming year.

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Dear Friends,

On Dec 22 I traveled to spirt and asked what we can expect for 2022. Here is what I learned.

Regarding the coming year, spirit said 2022 is going to be a lot like 2021 except that you will be much better prepared to deal with it. So it will be easier for you, not harder.

We’ve all been through a lot. But we are stronger and less prone to have the huge reactions and emotional upset we did when the pandemic first started. Things that used to shock us no longer have as big of a charge.

We are becoming immune to bad news, and that is actually a good thing which I will discuss below.

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Spirit also said that covid is a child of stress, anger, fear and other negative emotions. Its spread, like many viruses is helped by negativity. It is almost a symptom of a fractured, but hopefully, a now healing society.

Science seems to support this. Research I've quoted in other emails does show that for some viruses, people with a negative outlook are 300% more likely to get sick, although no such research has been done with covid specifically.

This doesn’t mean it isn’t contagious itself. It just means that a positive attitude is going to help you more than you realize … far more than a negative one.

Spirit said to be kind to yourself and avoid negative traps.

So what are these negative traps? They are anything that keeps you anxious, fearful, angry, jealous, hateful — anything that elicits strong negative emotions in you.

Avoid things that bring about these negative emotions, be mindful of your thoughts and feelings, and let go of them if they do take hold of you.

This may mean you need to ignore, block or unfriend people who go on angry rants about things and especially those engaging in troll-like behaviors where they try to bait you into an argument.

You can deal with those things without negative emotions. Honestly, there is no room in your life for negative emotions. They only hurt you and everyone around you.

Spirit also said that a smile causes your heart to soar.

I love this one because there is evidence that even forcing yourself to smile every day releases dopamine, serotonin and endorphins that fend off stress. Who would have known that one way that might help you stay healthy is simply to smile? 

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Spirit said that for covid to end, or diminish into something not so dangerous, we have to come together and love one another.

Considering the virus thrives in an environment of negativity, that seems to be a big part of the  answer although you should always follow your doctor's advice.

If you want to change the world, instead of reposting some story about someone doing something selfish, criminal or unethical, engage in random acts of kindness, especially where others can see you do it because it will inspire them to do the same.

The ripple effects in our society can be huge if just a few people do this. For example, when you are driving your car, let people in who are trying to merge in traffic. Hold the door for someone. Engage in friendly conversation. Notice someone’s new hairstyle. Buy lunch for a stranger who seems down on their luck.

I witnessed the power of this first hand when Spencer changed the driving habits of an entire city, eliminating a lot of road rage, just by going out of his way to be courteous when driving.

When people feel valued and supported and are treated with kindness, they can’t help but engage in kind acts themselves.

Through the butterfly effect, your kind actions can reach anyone in our society, even our business and political leaders. When it begins to affect everyone around them, they can’t help but begin to act the same.

In fact, each person you affect has 150 people in their sphere of influence (SOI). Each positive encounter with you affects 150 others, and likely far more because those people also affect 150 people. (SOI numbers according to anthropologist Robin Dunbar).

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Take This Opportunity To Change Our World

The pandemic did shake our society and our belief systems. But at the same time, people are looking for answers and aside from the fringe, people are more open to accepting new changes.

If you go out and spread kindness, not only will it come back to you tenfold, but you will exert a positive influence on people that was never possible before.

The other side of the coin, from this chaos, is the opportunity to make our society a much better place. So go out, spread positivity, and change our world.


Energy Artist Julia