Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Always deferring to others dishonors your own needs.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

To be liked, you avoid conflict at all costs. Perhaps you were raised in a home full of quarreling and you want be different. You think if you are always agreeable and polite, that you will be happy and loved.

Even though you are kindness embodied, you are sad and unsatisfied. You have slippery footing and no security. Others might treat you poorly. Always striving for approval is exhausting and impossible. You fear if you change and stand up for yourself, you will lose people.

You are divinely worthy and your opinion matters. You can address your needs rationally without the hysteria you have observed. You deserve a life where you can interact as an equal.

Find confidence by choosing friends and partners who can discuss issues and resolve differences, calmly and thoroughly.