Your Spiritual Reading For Today - Become aware of negative inputs you receive online.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 8th 2020

Media negativity sucks joy from your soul. 

Are you apprehensive? Take a look at how you feed your soul. Do you surround yourself with a steady diet of controversial media reports? Do you soak up news about violence? Do your social media friends often comment about the dire state of the world? 

Agitating viewpoints will color your sense of safety and well being. Try taking a fast from all media negativity. Use the extra time to be with your family or loved ones. Take up a hobby, read or spend time outdoors. Make a commitment to 7 days without written or digital media. 

Notice if you begin to see beauty and infinite compassion everywhere. Refreshed, you may be inspired to continue to foster your renewed positivity. If you return, you may choose to refine your social media friends to only those who uplift you. Enjoy the change.