Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Cut your energetic cords to people who hurt you.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 21st 2020

You feel disconnected from others and lonely. Sadness seeps into your every thought and action. You feel you have nothing to offer others, that you are worthless.

Did someone undermine your confidence as a child? Did you perceive others in your family were valued more that you? That was the past and it is time to heal. Visualize disconnecting from the energetic cords that connect you with those who did not honor your unique contribution. You can still love them in their imperfection, but end the cycle their insensitivity created.

 You are a gift to others who are waiting for you to remember you are a perfect creation of god. Wash way pain and let go of past hurts and write a new story of joy. 


Things That Can Help You

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Click here to see the Free Bird energy image that helps you rise above negative energies directed your way.