Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Don't burn others with your out of control tongue. Wait until you are calmer and speak thoughtfully to achieve the highest possible outcome.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 9th 2020

By our very nature, humans are emotional beings. When you are struck by a traumatic event, you can become lost in overwhelming feelings. It is almost as if your hair is on fire and you lash out at others with fear and panic.

If you speak without thinking, like a forest fire, you can do more damage than you realize causing repercussions, which can last for years. We cannot take back what we say. Sometimes we will even physically hurt ourselves when we become so inflamed that we forget we are in bodies.

If you remember that on a spiritual level, we are all one, you may be inspired to hold your tongue until you are cooler. You may need to walk way. Later, address the situation from a place of mindful speech and resolve all conflicts with the long term in mind. This will foster peace.