Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Embrace he paradox and your map of life will grow to create more richness, joy and light.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

You never know when you will be tested and an angel will appear to you in a homeless person’s clothes. You have strong opinions and can be repulsed by things you do not understand. When you find yourself judging someone on a philosophical basis, stop the chatter of you mind and find stillness.

In this quiet space, stilled from the constant inner dialogue of your daily life, put yourself in the shoes of the other. Visualize their situation or their belief from their point of view. Wait in stillness for a flash of insight. Can you find compassion? Are you capable of expanding your perspective to hold the paradox that two differing ideas can coexist simultaneously?

Rise above black and white beliefs. Embrace the preciousness of all experience and your heart will expand 10,000 fold.