Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Give yourself a vacation from the media to restore your sense of safety

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 9th 2020

Fear for your physical safety can be debilitating. World events or tragedies that are close to home can impact you severely.

If the emotions you feel keep you from engaging in everyday life or from trying new activities, you may need to turn off the news and divert you natural curiosity to the uplifting. Take a 48 hours vacation from all media. Afterwards, you may feel so restored that you make this recess permanent. Notice those who perpetuate negativity or inflammatory thinking on your social media sites and unfriend them.

Allow your brain the space and time to rewire and only attract information which inspires you to feel excited and have hope for humanity. This vacation from negativity will reboot your thinking and give you clarity to listen to guidance which keeps you safe.