Your Spiritual Reading for Today - If goals do not come easily, take the delay to reevaluate your commitment to leave the past behind and look for clear roads ahead.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 9th 2020

Sometimes you will feel foiled in attempts to progress. Naturally you may feel agitated and disappointed that life is not moving smoothly along your intended path.

 When the best laid intentions are thwarted it may be a blessing. You could be delayed to discover a more scenic and fulfilling route to the mountaintop. Stop, look around and consider your options. A little more time for preparation and an open mind may lift temporary restrictions to reaching higher ground. You may continue along a different route to the same destination, a road you may have missed if your first attempt was not derailed.

Cut your ties to what you want to leave. You may have to close the door behind you before you can move forward with ease. Do so and energy will flow forward and doors will open before you.