Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Learning to establish energetic boundaries will allow you to remain gentle and aware.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

Sometimes your vulnerability is an indication of your special gifts. At this time you may be too empathtic to be around large groups of people or negativity of any sort.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, remove yourself from the uncomfortable circumstance. If you cannot leave physically, shield yourself with a column or bubble of light. Install mirrors on the outside of your bubble. Intend that all energies, which are not yours, bounce off the mirror and dissipate. Let the light surrounding you fill you with strength, joy and peace. When you have regained your composure, know that you can shield yourself continually and in any circumstance.

Follow up with a bath with a cup of sea salt to remove residual negativity. Keep company with other gentle souls and strengthen your boundaries.