Your spiritual reading for today- Nature can catalyze inspiration to heal and change.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 9th 2020

When we lose our love of life, sometimes we just have to cry it out. Crying can be a healthy release of bottled up emotions.

 After the outpouring, if you can’t see your way through your pain and have become listless, make a trip outdoors and connect with nature. Try going on a short hike or watch the sunset over the urban landscape. If you live in a city, visit a park and sit with a tree. Let nature absorb your sadness.

Listen carefully to inspiration that comes to you and follow your guidance to a lighter perspective. Evolve from paralysis to taking simple action steps. For example, if you are experiencing a health crisis, research a change in diet or locate a practitioner who can assist you. Let your connection with nature generate a spiritual, as well as a practical solution.