Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Throw off self imposed chains and live your destiny.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 21st 2020

You live in a cage of your own devising. When you think you have no other choice, notice who is setting the boundary.

Are you conforming to inflexible standards you have set for yourself or that may be outdated societal norms? Do you have tunnel vision, where you may miss a creative or life changing choice? Sometimes you let others' expectations limit your options. You have a destiny with a gift to bring to humanity. You can be responsible and a contribution without limiting your options. What calls you and excites your passion?

Stop suppressing your creative ideas and unbind yourself. You do not need to abruptly walk away from your current life. Without radical disruption, you can put a little time towards your dreams every day. Don’t hesitate, live those dreams and find joy now.