Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Treat yourself to energy healing to remove energetic daggers.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

When you are mocked by others, you are being psychically attacked. Hurtful words do more that temporarily hurt. They send energetic darts that lodge in your luminous energy field (LEF), which surrounds and embodies your physical self.

 This energy field is shaped like a torus, similar to the geometry of a donut with the hole corresponding to your spine. The LEF is software for the hardware, which is you body and experiences. When scorn crystallize in you field, imprints are created which can cause physical illness or attract repetitive patterns.

To break this cycle, seek out self care. Have the intent to locate the ideal practitioner for energy healing to lift these burdens and remove the imprints. This gift to yourself will redirect your life in a positive direction.