Your Spiritual Reading for Today - When encounters with another leave you feeling guilty, it may be time to set boundaries and take a break from that relationship.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 15th 2020

There are moments in your life when you feel you can't please all the people who make demands on you.

Family members,close friends, and others may project their need for your attention and convey to you that you are not enough; not a good enough parent, friend, partner, parent, employee, etc. You may even find yourself feeling guilty, as if you should clone yourself and be more. If you start feeling this way, it may be time to say “no” and set boundaries. You cannot be everything to everyone.

Take inventory of your relationships and choose to surround yourself with only those who respect and honor your unique gifts. Then you can regain your sense of self worth and know that you are here to contribute your part, which no one else can duplicate.