Your Spiritual Reading Today - Allow yourself to cut ties to the past and connect with others to nurture your bright future into being.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 8th 2020

You must let go so better things can enter your life.

When you writhe in emotional pain, you fall into a dark despair and lose hope. Something has come to an end and you cannot accept the loss. 

Think back, did you ask for something better; a more fulfilling career, relationship or a better home. Now you are being stripped of your unsatisfactory life in a direct response to yearning. 

The future cannot coexist with the past. To transform, you enter the dark night of soul. The bulk of your former life is extinguished before the renewal can begin. 

This cutting of ties can be unsettling, as if you are floating unmoored in the ocean swells. Seek support from others to avoid isolating yourself. If you share your unfolding, the connection will fertilize the budding sprout of your dreams. You will blossom in the light and become new.