Amethyst 5 Petal Good Luck And Optimism Necklace. A bright and happy future awaits you.

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I wasn’t quite sure what the future would bring until I experienced the powerful sacred symbology of this 5 petal flower necklace. Now the future seems so bright.
Introducing The Amethyst 5 Petal  Good Luck & Optimism Necklace. Limited Edition Release.
Five AAA grade amethyst stones set in authentic 925 silver not only brings you good fortune but the amethyst helps you see it coming, so you know it will all be good, and you don’t have to worry.

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Adjustable 18" to 20" inches.


 Dear Friends,
When I was young, I always believed that what was to come would be better than before. My optimism was great, and it worked because things just got better and better. There was a whole new exciting world out there.
Now, after the pandemic, and the upheaval we have faced, I kind of got to where I wasn’t so sure things would always improve. But deep down I also knew a lot of that depended on my own attitude.
I felt I needed something new in my life, to help me believe again and look forward to each new day with love in my heart. And with this better outlook, through the law of attraction, I would draw to me all the good the world has to offer.
And from this desire came this necklace.
It combines the ancient symbology of the 5 flower petals, that draws good fortune and luck to you with superb quality “seer’s”amethyst that opens your crown chakra and helps you know ahead of time that good things are coming.
It makes it easy to believe, to feel optimistic, to even feel excited about what is to come. This design is said to change the course of your future for the better.
All you have to do is wear it, follow the included activation instructions, and its magic changes our outlook. Then all the blessings of the world can easily flow to you.
It is made from guaranteed authentic 925 silver and AAA grade, faceted amethyst that is such high quality it is normally only used in ring settings.
And it is so beautiful, who wouldn’t help but feel happy when wearing it? It is one of those things that appears delicate, but when you really look closely you see it is very well made and extremely strong. 
Energy Channeled
I have asked spirit to channel positive blessing energies through this piece to you, so you can walk in the light of the creator every time you wear it. I used the same method I do for doing mass healings where so many have reported amazing results. 
You will notice the difference when you put it on. Pieces blessed this way don’t feel like anything else. They are so meaningful in your life that they are passed down through the generations, with each new person discovering its true power. 
I guarantee that when you put this on and follow the instructions, you will feel far more at ease and optimistic about your future, and you will be delighted by its intense beauty. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Limited Edition
We cast a limited edition of 50 of these but 10 just sold. That isn’t a lot. And when they run out, we don’t plan to make more. So if you want this beautiful piece, now may be your only chance to get it.
Feel Your Future Grow Brighter
It is my great joy and honor to be able to bring you a blessing like this — the blessing of optimism, joy and of course good luck.
I hope you will wear it and do great things, bringing the light to our world, and to yourself.
Energy Artist Julia
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