Buddha Deep Serenity Pendant - Release your fears and worries

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A new energy enhanced creation by Julia Watkins can help you connect to infinite tranquility, reduce fears and worries and find profound and lasting inner peace.

Made from fired resinated glass on stainless. Each pendant is infused with channeled energy, chakra balanced and personally blessed by Energy Artist Julia.

Size 1 x 1.75 inches. Price is for the pendant only. Chains sold separately. 

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 A Note From Energy Artist Julia

Knowing first-hand how fear and worry can ruin your life, I decided to create this Buddha – Deep Serenity image to help you release this destructive energy…so just like the Buddha, you too can experience the profound peace and joy you deserve.

Buddha Radiates Tranquility 

Buddha connected with such deep tranquility that it actually radiated out from him and affected those who were anywhere near. Not even the criminals in his vicinity could do bad … and the spiritual people were inspired to do amazing things. Many believe his image can do the same.

I channeled this energy, tapping into the spirit of a calm mind immersed in a deep ocean of infinite serenity, and this is the image I was given.

And now I am giving it to you! 

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 How It Affects You

Just looking at this image, people immediately are affected. One friend told me that she breathed a long sigh of relief … like she knew things were going to get better and that somehow the mental burden of her struggles was much lighter.

It helps you form a cosmic link to that eternal ocean of restful tranquility ... a place where negative thoughts and feelings are easily dispelled and your mind can finally know true peace.

Experience Inner Peace Right Now! 

I want you to experience this too. Focus right now on the image and let it connect you to this cosmic sea of pure tranquility. Let out a deep breath and release your worries to spirit. Feel the warm waters of serenity caress your soul and take your mind to a higher state of pure peace. 

Waiting To Experience Peace Can Really Hurt You 

The negative effects on your health caused by fear and worry are well documented and substantial. Really, for your own well-being, You need to find a way to reduce these stresses to your mind and body right this minute! It is my sincere hope that this image will help you find some relief and comfort.

Namaste ~ Energy Artist Julia

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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.


Product Reviews

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    Buddha Deep Serenity Charm

    Posted by DR. CRYSTAL DAVIS on Nov 24th 2020

    I have been following Artist Julia for years and I have always loved her art and the beautiful energy she puts into it. I love her affirmations too! I bought the Buddha Deep Serenity Pendant for myself as a birthday gift. Immediately, I was drawn to holding it and clearing the energies to wear it. It came in a beautiful little brown draw-string bag with a note and affirmation on how to clear the energies. I went out and bought a new necklace for it as the ones I had did not resonate with the charm.I found the perfect one and have been wearing Buddha since. Thank you, Artist Julia, for your work in the world! Wearing this pendant daily reminds me to continue to releaeany fears or worry that linger.

  • 5
    she wears it everywhere

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 21st 2019

    bought for girlfriend. she loves it!! she brings it everywhere.