Day Of The Dead Enlightenment Energy Pendant - From the Magic Chi Collection

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This Energy Channeled Pendant Uses Ancient Aztec Magic To Help You Connect To The Life Energies Of Your Ancestors, Receiving Their Joy, Love, Blessings And Even Some Of Their Memories. 
It specifically focuses on helping you along your path to higher spiritual learning and enlightenment.   
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Hand made in our new age studios in Gypsum Colorado. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. This is a very high quality piece made with fired resinated glass and ground prisms on cast, polished jewelry grade stainless.  This is part of Julia's "Magic Chi" collection based on design elements of sacred temples she visited in Asia.


Day Of The Dead Skulls Do More Than Just Honor Those Who Have Passed On - They transmit to you their powers, joy and knowledge ... and more.
Long ago, the Aztecs of Mexico discovered that a celebration of the dead, concentrated through these skull images not only helped those who have passed on with their journey, but it helped those who remained celebrate and feel the joys of their lives. Those who passed could actually revisit you here thanks to the power of these images.
What's more, many now believe that by honoring the dead this way they can gain the blessings or life-force their ancestors possessed when alive, even their knowledge. And there is actually a scientific basis for this.
New studies suggest that memories of our ancestors can actually be passed through our DNA.
Is it possible that the Aztecs discovered a way to activate these DNA memories by focusing on these skull images and celebrating their ancestors? Did they pass this on to us?
It would would seem so. While English speaking cultures have shied away from skull imagery, it has become one of the largest celebrations in Mexico.
But that doesn't mean you have to be native to connect with the power of your ancestors. Anyone can do it. All you have to do is focus on the image. It actually works year around.
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What This Particular Skull Image Means Spiritually And How It Can Help You
Weeks ago, as the Day Of The Dead approached, I began receiving skull images from spirit. I knew I was receiving this so I could help you connect with the life energies of your ancestors and those who you loved who had passed. But there was more. Skulls always have two meanings at least.
The image came to my dreams with an enlarged third eye, spirals lotus flowers around the eyes and the flower of life pattern for eyes. All these represent your spiritual path and achievement of a connection with the higher power of the universe.
So essentially, this means that by focusing on the image, your ancestors will help you reach a higher enlightened state ... that this journey of yours is important to the universe.
How To Connect
So stare into this divinely inspired image. Feel its energies move out and unfold around you. Hear the voices of your ancestors guiding you, informing you, giving you their luck, joy and energies. 
And if you have the pendant or print, hold it up to the light, or light a candle in its presence and say a prayer for all. These are energy channeled items, hand made in Colorado in a sacred space and have much more powerful energies than something printed in a factory.
I guarantee that if you get one of my Day Of The Dead Enlightenment energy prints or pendants and focus on it for two weeks you will:
  • Feel a new spiritual blessing enter your life.
  • Find you have ancient knowledge and insights you did not previously possess.
  • Feel more joy and a lighter heart.
  • Be less fearful of death.
  • Feel a renewed closeness to those who have passed over.
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