Flower OF Life Magical Energy Pendant - From The Magical Chi Collection *

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Can You See God In This Sacred Geometric Image?
It (The Flower Of Life) mathematically contains all knowledge, all energy, all conscious thought and all structures that form the building blocks of life. Many say it contains the vibration of God and through this they can communicate with him/her directly.

Stare into this energized creation and feel it activate the energy coding within your mind, allowing you to access higher planes of spiritual presence and to "speak directly with the creator."

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This powerful energy pendant is made by world renowned "Energy Artist Julia." Julia is famous for channeling energies into artwork, creating pieces known to emit amazing spiritual energies.

It is part of her new “Magic Chi” energy pendant collection which incorporates powerful elements from sacred temples she visited while living in Asia to bring you the strongest spiritual energies known.

This piece is chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. Made from fired resinated glass on polished, jewelry grade stainless. Size 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. Price is for the pendant only. Chains sold separately.


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Known since ancient times and incorporated into nearly all mystic religions, the Flower of Life contains a sacred power pattern which activates energy coding within your mind, helping you access the higher vibrational presence. It is known to be a wholly integrated expression of the creator, or All-That-Is.

Within this geometric energy image can be found the Platonic Solids which are mathematically the building blocks of the universe. They form the basis of all life, as well as language, music and conscious thought.

Used in secret metaphysical activation ceremonies dating back thousands of years, the Flower Of Life contains energies and communication patterns which resonate with all living things ... both within ourselves and all that exists around us. It allows you to speak with the world on an energetic level and access all knowledge that exists. 
How Julia's Flower Of Life Jewelry Works

Julia channeled the amazing energy of the Flower Of Life to create these items. She focused on creating for those who wear them a clear metaphysical link to the energy image so it would be easy to access it's powers.

"I could just feel the presence of the creator in this image" she later said. "It really dug deep in my soul and activated beautiful things I didn't know were there or had forgotten about." 
Other Interesting Facts About The Flower Of Life.

1. The Flower Of Life contains within it many other sacred geometric images including the" Seed Of Life, Egg Of Life, Fruit Of Life and the Tree Of Life.

2. In its early stages of creation, through the Egg Of Life, this sacred image takes on the exact mathematical cellular structure of an embryo when it divides just after conception. It also forms the basis for music, as the distances between the spheres is identical to the distances between the tones and the half tones.

3. Within the Flower Of Life, the Fruit Of Life structure contains the basis for the design of every atom, molecular structure, life form, and everything in existence of the musical scale.

4. The structure of most ancient alphabets can be found in the Fruit Of Life.

5. A Knights Templar tombstone in St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall contains the Egg Of Life symbol. In addition, many believe the G in the Free Mason's symbology came from the Flower Of Life. 

All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.