Ghosts Of The Anasazi Mystical Energy Charm

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Julia Watkins' New Ghosts Of The Anasazi charm taps you into the harmonious mother earth energies discovered by the ancient Anasazi.

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Hand made with loving care. Chakra balanced, blessed and energy enhanced by the Energy Artist Julia. We pay special attention to detail and quality throughout this 7 step process.

Size: 3/4 x 3/4 inches. Can be placed on any charm bracelet. Materials: Fired resinated glass on silver plate. PRICE IS FOR THE CHARM ONLY. Bracelets sold separately.



The ancient Native American Anasazi had a powerful, magical connection to mother earth and you can too. Created by Energy Artist Julia, this chakra balanced, energy enhanced charm features a moonlit Anasazi cliff dwelling surrounded by metaphysical energy orbs. Wearing it taps you into the magical energies of this vanished society -- and their discovery of profound mother earth harmony which allowed them to perform feats that defied both logic and science. What's more, through you, it subliminally projects back into our societal consciousness a reverence and love for all living things and our beautiful planet. It not only strengthens your spirit by allowing you to channel the power of mother earth ... it energetically affects all those around you. Wearing this, I find everything spiritual I do is easier, from channeling to meditation to communicating with sometimes difficult people.

~Energy Artist Julia Wear it today and feel the difference in you and the world around you!

Recommended Charm Combinations Amplify Their Benefits

Combining charms amplifies the energy of each. They work even better and you feel better. There are no bad combinations, only good, but certain ones can be combined together on an individual bracelet to maximize your intended benefits. Adding just one charm improves the energy of all the others. Combine all those recommended for the strongest energetic connection.

For Bringing Your Spirit Into Harmony And Balance ~ As The ANASAZI Did.

Combine the Ghosts Of the Anasazi, Hummingbirds, Medicine Bear, Spirit Wolf and Blue Dragonfly charms.

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